The Importance of a Panic Alarm in an Independent Retail Store


Any independent retail establishment needs a panic alarm as a basic safety measure. In the event of an emergency, such as a robbery, assault, or other threatening circumstance, employees can activate the device. The alarm immediately alerts the police or a security firm, enabling quick action and possibly preventing harm to employees or customers. Without a panic alarm, employees may be left vulnerable and unable to call for help in a dangerous situation.

While many merchants have a traditional panic button under the counter that may make them vulnerable as they reach for it, a more modern panic alarm system can provide a reliable and efficient way to silently alert authorities in case of an emergency. That is why merchants can benefit from investing in a point-of-sale system with a built-in panic alarm button. A hidden, secret panic button on the merchant interface won’t put themselves, their staff, or their customers at risk.

Customer and Employee Safety

While it is important to protect yourself and your staff from any potential risk, your customers are equally important – and their safety should be a top priority. Implementing emergency protocols and providing proper training for your team, can help create a safer environment for everyone at your location. For example, employees should get the proper training to feel confident handling any situation that arises. They should know where the panic alarm button is located and how to activate it if they need to alert police for help. Training should also include teaching them how to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations and communicate with customers while maintaining a calm and professional demeanor.

Crime Deterrence

The presence of a panic alarm combined with security cameras can act as a deterrent to potential criminals. Merchants should consider investing in surveillance cameras throughout the store to help clearly convey to anyone who enters the store that they are being monitored. Signage can be posted to let visitors know that security measures are in place. Poster examples include “Smile, you are on camera,” “You are being watched,” and “This area is being monitored.” If potential perpetrators are aware of the presence of surveillance cameras, they may be deterred from committing crimes or engaging in other illicit activities in the monitored area.

Cut Insurance Premium Costs

There are many benefits to owning a point-of-sale system that has a built-in panic alarm button. The NRS POS-integrated Panic Alarm Button premium feature costs just a few dollars a month and is well worth the minimal expense for the safety benefits it yields. Merchants may not realize that they may actually be able to save money in the long run. The insurance company may view the store location as lower risk because the POS panic alarm button can deter burglars or alert authorities in the event of a break-in. This may result in lower premiums for the business owner. Insurance companies may offer discounts to businesses equipped with panic alarm systems.

Employee Reassurance

Panic alarms can provide employees with reassurance in multiple ways. Firstly, panic alarms offer protection during confrontations or burglaries. Employees can have peace of mind knowing that a store is safeguarded and that the alarm at their fingertips will rapidly alert police. This can ultimately offer a more relaxed and less stressed work experience, and increase employees’ loyalty and trust in the store’s commitment to their safety and security. This can also attract new employees who prioritize safety when choosing where to work.

A POS Panic Alarm Button? YES – REALLY!

Many traditional panic alarms are mounted underneath the counter, making merchants vulnerable by having to reach down there in a crisis. However, as technology has advanced, National Retail Solutions (NRS) has built a panic alarm button into the point-of-sale system, located on the merchant-facing touchscreen. This provides a discreet way to alert authorities without giving the perpetrator any indication that an alarm has been triggered, helping to increase the safety and security of the staff member and the customers.

Having a panic alarm button at the register in the store is of the utmost importance, as it can save – not just one, but many – lives in the event of an emergency. The presence of a panic alarm button can give employees and customers peace of mind and a sense of security, knowing that there is a direct line of communication with authorities. It can also deter criminals, as they may be less likely to commit a crime knowing that the store has a way to call for help. For more information about how the NRS POS can help grow your revenue and protect your store, call (833) 289-2767 or visit



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