North American Debut of Fashion Designer Shravan Kummar



At a glittering event held in Edison, NJ, Hyderabad based designer, Shravan Kummar made his North American fashion debut on Sunday, Jun 4th. His mission is to accomplish Social and Environmental Commitment to empower poor families by generating employment opportunities and by cultivating biodegradable and ecofriendly products.


In an effort to meet this objective, he has taken up the responsible initiative to promote handicrafts and workmanship from rural India – paying tribute to weavers, through “AN ODE TO WEAVES & WEAVERS’’, an annual show which showcases over a 100 weaves like the Phulia, Parsi, Srikakulam Khadi, Salem, Jamdhani, Paithani, Kerala, Kanchi, Gadwal, Pochampally, Dharmavaram, Mangalagiri, Venkatagiri, Uppada to name a few from the remotest locations of India every year. These are woven at a non-government organization called ‘The Society of Aalayam’ that Kummar personally chairs. ‘Aalayam’, not only succeeds in restoring various weaves of the country which are rapidly declining in their significance, but is also dedicated to bettering the lives of weavers in India.

“It is so important to promote healthy and environmentally conscious fashion and by bringing this fashion to the United States we are able to share this fashion with a new audience. I am so grateful for Ram and all of the support he has given me to spread the creations of the weavers of India and bringing that message to the United States.” said Shravan Kummar

The event was sponsored by technology entrepreneur, Raman Chada of 6COM and Bridgetown Consulting Group; Chada believes in Shravan Kummar’s vision and wants to help profile and support designers from the motherland.

“What Shravan is doing in raising awareness of the unsung heroes of the fashion industry and bringing it to the United States is incredibly important and I am so happy that I am able to give him this platform to share the works of these hardworking weavers of India.” Stated Ram Chada.

Shravan Kummar will be visiting more cities in his North American Tour and has his fashion collection available online at



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