HOROSCOPE THIS WEEK by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma


The week seems immensely fulfilling on the professional front, as new deals are negotiated and signed. You will have a leg up on rivals on the academic front, as competition hots up. Socially, you can expect a hectic time in the company of friends and relatives. Good judgement will be your strength in playing the stocks this week . Passions rage on the romantic front, so rejoice!

Extra energy may be required to handle a complex situation. The ambition you harbour will only get realised through good networking. Don’t expect anyone to spoon feed you on the academic front. For homemakers, daily dull and drab routine may seem like a heavy burden. It is time to take a much-deserved break. Your fund situation may become worrisome. Good news about a sick family member will let you heave a big sigh of relief.

Your calculated moves will keep your nose above the water in both personal and professional situations. A letter of appreciation for a job well done will give due recognition to your efforts. Your longing for lover this week will be fully rewarded with a surprise. A wise investment done previously promises rich returns. A religious ceremony connected with wedding or otherwise may be conducted.

Your attempts to impress lover will succeed and may result in a wave of excitement sweeping the romantic front! Changes on the work front may commence and may make you apprehensive. After you have convinced yourself, it is best not to delay signing a financial document. Marketing and business development personnel will find the week favourable. Those working hard to get back in shape may have to work still harder.

A misunderstanding in money matters can create a rift, so be transparent in all your dealings. You may need to keep your distance from someone who is not too happy with your habits.Mental tensions may give you a sleepless night. Someone requires a helping hand on the domestic front. Someone’s attitude may puzzle you and even seem selfish, but this is not the case, so don’t overreact.

This week, you are blessed with the Midas touch and turn everything you touch to gold! Jewellers or those dealing in gold and precious stones are likely to hit it big. If you keep up the efforts, it will not be too difficult to persuade someone to join you. Follow the advice of someone clued up financially to remain on the safe wicket. Lover is likely to stick to his or her word and make you happy.

On the romantic front, instant gratification is what you seek and what you get, so have an enjoyable outing with partner! An oversight in money matters is indicated, so remain alert. Getting praised at workplace may come as a solid morale booster and motivate you to give your best. Stay clear of office politics. You will need to put extra hours on the academic front to catch up with others.

You will need a push to get going in a professional venture and that push will be forthcoming. Problem solving with the help of knowledgeable people assumes importance on the academic front at this juncture. A new relationship is on the cards for those seeking love. Financial support is likely for those pursuing higher studies. You feel on top of the world this week and are likely to accomplish much.

You may not be in complete picture, so don’t base your judgement on limited information and make decisions. If you find things not moving according to plans, don’t turn a blind eye. Playing the blame game will be detrimental to your love life. You may fail to get your true value for money in an item purchased. Academically, you are likely to shine. Don’t let anyone dampen your spirits for taking up a challenge.

You may need to rework your personal equation with those who have come to loathe you. Irregular timings and junk food may play havoc with your daily routine and threaten health.Much depends on you for making things easy or difficult for yourself on the academic front. Don’t be arrogant in matters of love, as you may fall from your high horse. Conserving money by safe investments is important, so don’t attempt any risky financial venture.

Old grudges and negative thoughts may disturb your mind. Meditation and matters spiritual will prove uplifting and help in getting de-stressed. Your timing in getting something completed on the home front will prove right. Carelessness in health may cost you dear. Planning an out of town journey is on the cards. Don’t become overconfident on the academic front, as there are many a slip between the cup and the lip!

Domestic front will be most peaceful and family most accommodating.You will manage to overcome fatigue by adopting fitness techniques and taking herbal alternatives. Don’t let anyone dictate to you at work or you may become a victim of those pulling the strings at work. A good grip of the situation will make you an automatic leader at work.If you are getting the right break on the career front, you must give it a serious thought.



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