HOROSCOPE THIS WEEK by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma


(March 21-April 20)
There is much happening on the social front and you are likely to become a part of it! Property booked by you is likely to come into your possession soon. Joining a group of health conscious people will do a whale of a good for you on the health front. You will be able to save much on the monetary front by deliberately adopting economical means. A senior’s overbearing nature may upset you at work.
Lucky No.: 2
Lucky Colour: Pink

(April 21-May 20)
You must heed someone’s warning on the health front, as you can land up in complications. This is a good time to review your career goals. You will need to decide to continue in a field that you have chosen on the professional front. Some of you may have to juggle between home and office. Your own social life can take precedence over a family gathering, but use tact to make excuses. Commuting is likely to become easy.
Lucky No.: 1
Lucky Colour: Light Yellow

(May 21-June 21)
There is little chance of someone letting up on doing you favours, so enjoy while they last! Problems on the professional front may keep you engaged, but you will be able to resolve them. A windfall is indicated for some. You are likely to embark on a health trip by eating right and infusing more activity in your lifestyle. Finding time for social interaction may prove difficult, but you will manage somehow. Sparks fly on the romantic front!
Lucky No.: 15
Lucky Colour: Peach

(June 22-July 22)
Someone is likely to give you a VIP treatment. You are likely to remain in control of things on the professional front. Achieving success in a competitive situation on the academic front is foretold. Much enjoyment is foreseen in a family outing and it will help you unwind too. If you are in love, chances of making an exciting plan together is possible. Some of you may get a chance to buy a vehicle of your dreams.
Lucky No.: 3
Lucky Colour: Golden Brown

(July 23-August 23)
One of the best ways to improve your lot is to listen to others, rather than becoming bull-headed. You can expect to spend the week in exciting company on the social front. Falling for someone, who is showering his or her undivided attention on you, cannot be ruled out. Planning a vacation with family or friends is a foregone conclusion, so expect a scintillating time! Acquiring property is indicated. You may buy a major item.
Lucky No.: 3
Lucky Colour: Coffee

(August 24-September 23)
Someone may keep you guessing and test your patience. You will manage to adequately impress people around in a new set up on the professional front. Work content is likely to become less demanding and keep you mentally free from stress. Healthy habits will help keep health problems at bay. You can waste money on something that is way down on your priority list. Long working hours may make some miss out on interesting happenings on the social front.
Lucky No.: 18
Lucky Colour: Cream

(September 24-October 23)
Use a different approach to win over someone avoiding you. You like what you are presently into on the professional front, but making it a career choice can get you thinking. Whatever your decision, it will be in your favour. Money given up as lost is likely to be recovered, if not all, in part. An entertaining evening is in store for some on the social front. Adhering to someone’s advice on fitness is likely to do you good.
Lucky No.: 9
Lucky Colour: Purple

(October 24-November 22)
If you want to keep someone on your right side, be soft with him or her. You will be able to impress all on the professional front by your knowledge and exuberance. Something that is available on the house will help you save money. You will be able to keep yourself in fine fettle on the health front by adopting an active lifestyle. Participating in a social event may become your top priority right now.
Lucky No.: 15
Lucky Colour: Rosy Brown

(November 23-December 21)
You may have to spend your savings on something inescapable. Slowly and steadily, you will manage to establish yourself not only in a new working environment, but also in the hearts of those around! Your soft nature and helpful attitude is likely to make you much sought after on the social front. Mutual attraction is likely to draw you closer to someone on the romantic front, so expect an exciting phase to begin! Health remains satisfactory.
Lucky No.: 6
Lucky Colour: Coffee

(December 22-January 21)
You will need to endure the difficulties that come with a new venture that you have undertaken. Something awaited by you on the professional front may take some more time to materialise. You will need to remain a bit tight-fisted on the financial front. Remaining regular in medication for an ailment will be the key to getting rid of it quickly. Something expected of you on the social front may seem an uphill task, but you manage it well.
Lucky No.: 5
Lucky Colour: Brown

(January 22-February 19)
You will remain in total control in an important event that is drawing near. Performance at work remains most satisfying. A new responsibility on the professional front is likely to come with more power and perks. Family is likely to support your ideas and encourage you to spread your wings. Your romantic life simply rocks, so make the most of it! You remain fit and energetic by sticking to a healthy diet and shunning junk food.
Lucky No.: 22
Lucky Colour: White

(February 20-March 20)
Someone is likely to take special care of your needs and win you over. A pat on the back can be expected for those new on the job. Something that you were yearning for on the academic front may finally be yours. Socially, you are likely to be much sought after. Cupid may smile on those looking for love. Making plans for a trip with friends cannot be ruled out for some and promises lots of fun.
Lucky No.: 4
Lucky Colour: Sky Blue



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