HOROSCOPE THIS WEEK by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma


Your performance on the academic front can fall short of your own expectations, if you don’t start putting in efforts. Maintaining good relations with all, especially in a joint family scenario is important. You will be able to reap rich dividends in an overseas investment. There is really no point in stressing your mind over somebody’s misdeeds; try to forgive and forget.

An important meeting may conclude on a positive note for you. Getting the best out of someone may prove an uphill task, so take it up as a challenge. You are likely to play with your health by succumbing to temptations. Steps being taken by you on the domestic front will have positive consequences in the near future. Following a diet plan may prove indispensable in remaining in shape.

Work front appears a bit too demanding. Pushing yourself on the academic front may give you the desired results. Those waiting in the wings will find some positive developments in the marriage market. Clinging to old beliefs will just not do, especially when dealing with youngsters. Happy time is foreseen on the social front, as you get a chance to let your hair down.

Good contacts will translate into new opportunities on the business front. Take care of your professional side, as your performance can come into a superior’s notice. Blessings and good wishes are likely to pour in from your well-wishers for something you have achieved. Returns from invested money are likely to perk up your bank balance. Regular workouts will ensure fitness; don’t let up on it.

Exchanging pleasantries with someone from the opposite camp can develop into something serious, so take your call. Take advice, if you want things to move in a planned and orderly manner. Be grateful for any help being extended to you, rather than complaining. You cannot run away from a domestic issue; it is better to face it squarely and try and resolve it.

You will need to secure your interests, where sharing property and other assets are concerned. Someone’s pleasing personality may get you head over heels for him or her, but don’t do anything impulsive. Some of you may have to balance two different jobs at the same time at work. Despite your misgivings, you are set to achieve greater heights on the academic front.

On the romantic front, don’t touch upon whatever happened in the past, as it can upset partner. You can expect the financial situation to improve substantially in the coming week. Make the right moves to win over someone’s heart. At work, not adhering to directions is like asking for trouble, so perish the thought if you know what’s good for you.

Sent the right signals to those who are of value to you; you may need their support and assistance at a later date. Meeting people and exchanging ideas will help you professionally. Money invested in property seems as good as lost, unless you do something about it. Your prospects of travelling overseas brighten, so start packing your bags!

Mixed luck is foreseen for those playing the stocks. Take advice of family and friends, before applying for something new on the career front. At work, a little indiscretion on your part may get you in a spot, if you are not careful. You don’t need to be frank and forthright every time; learn to play along. Be polished in your approach on the romantic front.

You may have to start afresh on something that has not been accomplished to the satisfaction of higher ups. Your love life can do with some excitement, so plan out something you have never done before, like organising an exotic outing! Your social life is likely to pick up pace. Don’t get carried away by someone’s false promises on the financial front, as you may burn your fingers.

If you are feeling restless in your job, work towards finding stability. On the relationship front, despite your loving nature, it may become difficult to appease partner, but do the best you can. Be fair in all your dealings at work. On the property front, some good options will be available for you to explore. An expected invitation to a wedding or a function may arrive.

A waiver that you expect in an official matter may not be as easy as you imagine, so think of other avenues. Love may tug at your heart, but you may find it difficult to spare time for it. A negative feedback from teacher may put some in trouble. Skin problems or some other ailment that you are suffering from may take some more time to heal.



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