How to Upgrade Your Gas Station Without Breaking the Bank

All over the world, gas station owners have been hit with high expenses from renovating, EMV-compliance, and keeping up with the gas prices. Consumers have also been weary of whether or not they want to pay at a gas station since many haven’t upgraded to be EMV-compliant. However, gas station owners who wish to upgrade cannot afford the costs and are losing customers.
There are many ways in which EMV makes transactions more secure at a gas station. Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) is a technology that stores the cardholder’s information on a magnetic chip. It can only be read by special readers, making copying and stealing the card’s information more difficult. This technology has helped reduce fraud rates by as much as 76% in card-present environments. Gas stations that haven’t upgraded are more subject to consumers using fraudulent card payment methods.
However, implementing EMV can be expensive, and it is hard for retailers to do renovations and lose business for days, if not weeks. Installing EMV-compliant readers at the pumps can require either replacing the pumps and/or lots of digging and mess. If retailers want to convert their fueling point terminals, it can cost between $6,000 and $10,000 per pump. Also, if older pumps need to be replaced, retailers incur additional costs by purchasing a new pump and digging into the concrete.
NRS offers NRS Petro for gas stations, which is way more affordable than competitors. It includes a pump-integrated POS so that customers can purchase items at the register in the c-store while paying for their gas. And with NRS Petro, EMV compliance is a snap! NRS Petro’s solution for gas stations is affordable and clean, with integrated NRS Pay credit card processing. NRS Pay is well known in the industry for its honesty and integrity. The retailer gets a free credit card reader, with ZERO hidden fees, no long-term contact and no early-termination fee.
NRS Petro, the industry’s  premium gas station service, can also help owners upgrade to a pump-integrated POS that can read credit card chips to prevent fraud and credit card theft. Together, this makes consumers feel more secure when filling up at your gas station. This means more business and revenue, which makes this a win-win situation for consumers and retailers. Visit NRS to learn all about how NRS Petro can help you upgrade your fueling station.
But even if a gas station can save thousands of dollars with NRS Petro, upgrading still costs money; and not all gas station owners have liquid capital to use for this purpose. There is a solution to this problem. National Retail Solutions (NRS) may be able to help you by giving you a cash advance to pay these expenses. Through its division, NRS Funding, it can help pay for EMV compliance and be used for payroll, rainy days, renovations, etc. If retailers are worried about paying back the money, NRS Funding has flexible payback plans, making the process stress-free.
The marriage of NRS Funding with NRS Petro is a match made in heaven for gas station owners! Obtaining business funding is as easy as 1-2-3. With a ten-minute application and a free quote, $2,500-$500K can be available within 24-48 hours. To get started, call (800) 212-1477 or apply at


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