A Dynamic Duo with ZERO Credit Card Processing Transaction Fees

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NRS Pay FeeBU$TER and the NRS POS.

Throughout history, consumers have used different payment options for shopping. Before the 1950s, cash was the primary form of payment. However, since its inception, the credit card has revolutionized how consumers shop for products.

When consumers want to make a big purchase, many prefer to pay with a credit card instead of cash. However, in an effort to save money by reducing credit card processing fees, some businesses only accept cash as payment, making it inconvenient for customers who have to pay with loose cash from their wallets. Credit card payment acceptance poses inconveniences and expenses to business owners, including processing fees and surcharges.

High credit card fees and surcharges can directly, negatively affect a company’s revenue. The average credit card processing fee ranges from 1.5% to 3.5% on each transaction. The fee ranges vary depending on which credit card company the consumer uses. For example, if the consumer uses a Visa, the range is from 1.3% to 2.4%. No matter what card the customer uses to pay, a credit card transaction fee is inevitable. The fees associated with credit card payment acceptance, plus hidden additional fees that are often detailed in very fine print within long contracts,  can severely impact a retailer’s bottom line.

Elie Y. Katz, president and CEO of National Retail Solutions (NRS)

Says Elie Y. Katz, president and CEO of National Retail Solutions (NRS), “We founded NRS with a mission of helping USA independent retailers survive and thrive with affordable point of sale (POS) technology that helps them compete. Big box stores have much larger budgets than the brick-and-mortar shops, and we truly feel for the struggles of the smaller stores. We added NRS Pay credit card processing to our offerings, to complement the NRS POS in providing clean, honest checkout solutions for merchants. In the retail world, we unfortunately know all too well how shady and confusing credit card processing companies can be. We strive to offer superior products and services combined with integrity that this industry needs and deserves.”

Business owners can work around credit card processing fees in a few ways. Before making any commitments, a retailer should negotiate with the credit card company to lower these added expenses. Credit card processing companies can be flexible – to an extent – with their rates, especially for merchants who process high monthly volumes. Another way businesses can reduce fees is by adopting a surcharge cash discount program, to pass the transaction fees onto the customers. Customers pay a small “service fee” for using a credit card, and can avoid the fee and get a “cash discount” by using a debit card or cash.

National Retail Solutions (NRS), a leading provider of POS systems, can help owners accept credit cards with NRS Pay, without breaking the bank. NRS Pay FeeBU$TER eliminates transaction fees for retailers and has a $0 monthly fee if they process $18,000 or more monthly. NRS Pay FeeBU$TER works in tandem with the NRS POS to help merchants save money, by drastically reducing processing transaction fees while helping run and manage the store. With all NRS Pay plans, a free card reader is included with zero hidden fees, no long-term contract and no early termination fees.

The NRS point of sale (POS) and NRS Pay FeeBU$TER are ideal for independent convenience, grocery tobacco, liquor, hardware and gas station c-stores. For more information, visit nrspay.com or call (833) 289-2767.



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