Graphic Designer Pramod Joshi appointed to Skokie, Illinois Fine Arts Commission

Graphic designer Pramod Joshi, left, with Mayor of Skokie, Illinois, George Van Dusen in the office of the Mayor after being recently appointed on the Skokie Fine Arts Commission, March 20, 2023. Photo: courtesy Pramod Joshi

The Skokie (Illinois) Board of Trustees recently appointed graphic designer Pramod Joshi to the Fine Arts Commission on March 20, 2023 in Skokie Village Hall. The appointment is for a four-year term ending August 2027.

The Fine Arts Commission promotes interest in cultural arts activities. It advocates for cultural enrichment within the Village of Skokie and Skokie schools.

Mayor of Skokie George Van Dusen met Joshi in his office.

Joshi has served previously as Art Director for Oak Park News, head of art-production for Warsawsky & Co in Chicago. He also worked as an artist for Home Depot.

He has a fine arts degree from University of Chicago. During his time at UC, Joshi was recognized for designing the poster for “Excedrin.”

“My appointment to the Skokie Fine Arts Commission, after having worked as an Art Director for Oak Park News, art production head for Warsawsky & Co., an artist for Home Depot, along with world travel, hopes to add value to our village,” Joshi said in his statement.

Before coming to the United States, Joshi was known for designing the poster for “Zebra Umbrela” for which he was given a Gujarat state award by the then Governor Mehdi Nawab Jung.



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