Friends of MP celebrates Father’s Day with sports and games in Princeton, NJ 


The community organization, Friends of Madhya Pradesh- NYNJ chapter, ( its first Sports Day on Sunday June 18th in Princeton Country Club Picnic Area in Princeton.

Known for its summer Picnic, the group focussed this Father’s Day only around Sports and Games, as well as other activities,

All the participants were divided into 4 teams named after famous towns of MP – Mandu Ravens- Blue, Kanha Tigers – White, Pachmari Panthers – Pink and Maheshwar Titans – Grey. The teams chose their color, and all participants of the team wore the same color for the day, a press release from Friends of MP said.

For each of the team games Cricket and Volleyball, every team had women and teen players, along with men. The weather cooperated, as live commentary, scoring and cheering made it a highly enjoyable event, with intense competition with tight finishes.  finishes.

A volleyball game taking place at the June 18, 2023, Friends of MP-NYNJ event. PHOTO: Friends of MP-NYNJ

There were 2 League Matches and then the finals. Team Mandu Ravens won the cricket Cup in the final innings with 11 huge sixes. Team Kanha Tigers won the Volleyball Cup. The awards were given by Mrs Shanti Jain visiting from Indore, Family Elder of Bansal Family.

In addition, there were many board games and active games for the children at the event.

Father’s Day celebrations were marked with a cake and Indian sweets at the June 18, 2023, sports and games event held by Friends of MP-NYNJ. PHOTO: Friends of MP-NYNJ

To mark the Father’s Day, a special celebratory Cake and mithai were served, Special Flash Mob dances by kids and women were performed.

Friends of MP has now grown to 500 families in the tristate area.

For this sports event, families of volunteers Shaman Jain, Amit Mishra, Akhilesh Ladha, Anand Rai, Kapil Samadhiya, Nikhil Sharma and Sanjay Modi, played an important role, guided by the core team members of Friends of MP.



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