Indian Consulate in Chicago hosts 9th International Day of Yoga

Hundreds of people in Chicago participated in the Indian Consulate’s celebration of International Day of Yoga, on the shores of Lake Michigan June 18, 2023, a few days before the official date of June 21. PHOTO: Indian Consulate, Chicago

The Consulate General of India, Chicago, hosted the 9th International Day of Yoga in an iconic setting on the lakefront in Navy Pier June 18, 2023, a few days before the official date of June 21. Well over 300 Yoga enthusiasts participated in the event, a press release from the Consulate said.

Consul General Somnath Ghosh delivered the inaugural remarks, which was followed by the performance of the Common Yoga Protocol.

\Addressing the participants on IYD 2023 theme “Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, CG Ghosh explained the importance of Yoga as India’s gift to humanity and how it is today a heritage of all mankind belonging to everyone irrespective of the sect, religion or country.

India’s Consul General in Chicago Somnath Ghosh addresses more than 300 participants who came to celebrate the 9th International Day of Yoga, at Lake Michigan, June 18, 2023. PHOTO: courtesy Indian Consulate, Chicago

He said Yoga is not only for physical fitness or mental well-being, it is a holistic way of life consistent with a sustainable environment.  He acknowledged the efforts of Yoga organizations and the Indian- American community to popularize yoga.  He also recognized people and organization in Midwest region which helped commemorate the 9th IDY.

The session of Common Yoga Protocol was conducted by eminent Yoga instructors Anu Malhotra, Mara Zimmerman, Saba Haider and Yash Choudhary.

Hundreds of people celebrated International Yoga Day on Lake Michigan, hosted by the Indian Consulate, Chicago, June 18, 2023, prior to the actual date of June 21. PHOTO: Indian Consulate, Chicago

The Polk Bros Park in Navy Pier looked festive as enthusiastic Yoga practitioners practiced yoga under a perfect blue sky on the grassy lawns right on the bank of Lake Michigan, the press release noted.

Yoga teachers in the sitting asana at the June 18, 2023, International Yoga Day commemoration at in Polk Park, Chicago, where hundreds came to participate. PHOTO: Indian Consulate, Chicago

The event was supported and joined by the State Bank of India, Chicago and organisations like the Art of Living, Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS), Sewa International, Brahmakumaris, Isha Foundations, Federation of Indian Associations, Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur, Indian Community Niles Township, Each Life is Precious, Yogapathic,etc.

Standing position of Yoga, being performed by the hundreds of participants who joined the Indian Consulate, Chicago’s celebration of International Yoga Day at Lake Michigan, June 18, 2023. PHOTO: Indian Consulate, Chicago

The Consulate also held a photography contest where contestants shared photographs capturing the essence of Yoga through photographs while performing Yoga postures taken at iconic locations.  The Consul General presented certificates to honor the contestants.



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