World Vegan Vision Participates in New Life Expo, NYC

Visitors wait to get information material at the World Vegan Vision booth at New Life Expo NYC October 27-29, 2023. Photo:Provided by World Vegan Vision

World Vegan Vision (WVV) participated in a Mind, Body and Spirit Expo organized by New Life in New York City Friday, October 27 through Sunday, October 29, 2023.

Collaborating with Govinda’s Kitchen (Govinda), the restaurant of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) temple in Brooklyn, New York, WVV booth offered many information flyers and brochures and delicious vegan food. WVV propagated the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle for healthy living from its colorful booth.

The Expo attracted close to 5,000 visitors who were looking for holistic lifestyle. Featuring well-known vegan and health writers and speakers, the Expo has been inspiring many to a wholesome life.

Participants at the Expo came from many parts of the world and exhibited many new health products and lifestyle tools. The Expo also featured many talks, interactive activities and workshops and booths offering health related information and products for mindful living.

WVV ( is a 30-year old non-profit organization based in New Jersey (, which has gone on to become an international organization serving as a resource network and a think-tank for vegans worldwide. It now has chapters in Ohio and Mumbai and Ahmedabad in India. WVV also publishes a monthly newsletter and organizes talks on vegan lifestyle. A highlight of their program is an annual vegan thanksgiving dinner.

Govinda’s Kitchen is not unknown to New Yorkers who usually flock to it for pure vegetarian lunches. Situated in New York’s oldest ISKCON temple in Brooklyn at 305 Schermerhorn Street (, both the temple and the restaurant have become a haven of mind, body and spirit for New Yorkers.

New Life Expo ( and Magazine was created in 1990 by Mark Becker, who was also the first to open a Yoga Center and an Herb Shop in New York in 1975. Today, the Expo held in New York, Florida, Seattle and Chicago, has grown to become East Coast’s largest Healthy Conscious Living Expo.



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