Vibrant Gujarat 2024 delegation holds successful roadshow in New York, New Jersey

Banner welcoming the Indian delegation for Vibrant Gujarat 2024, roadshow in New York. PHOTO: ITV Gold

A high-profile delegation from India, held a roadshow in New York for the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat 2024 summit Jan. 10-12, 2024, to highlight for Indian Americans and other Americans, the potential for investment and engagement with the state.

Collage of pictures at NASDAQ building showing the Vibrant Gujarat delegation ringing the bell Oct. 26, and Indian flag. PHOTO: Twitter @IndiainNewYork

The delegation was led by Gujarat’s Principal Secretary, Finance Department J.P. Gupta, who in his exclusive interview with ITV Gold, October 28, urged everyone visiting India, to time it with the 20th Vibrant Gujarat Summit.

India’s Consul General Randhir Jaiswal, left, and Gujarat Principal Secretary Finance J.P. Gupta, at a Q&A session Oct. 28, 2023, in Edison, NJ. PHOTO: ITV Gold

The Indian Consulate tweeted about the Vibrant Gujarat delegation’s meetings with diaspora leaders in New Jersey, “Hosted a roadshow in Edison New Jersey to present the 10th Vibrant Gujarat to our diaspora members. @JPGuptaIASgave a detailed overview of the @VibrantGujaratprogram to be held from 10-12 Jan in Gandhinagar. Talked about the transformation happening in @GIFTCity_and focus sectors at VGGS. Thank you @FIANYNJCTNEGANA and other community organizations for your continued support.”

The Vibrant Gujarat delegation’s roadshow passed through New York, and was scheduled to go on to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. In New York and New Jersey, the delegation held meetings with Indian American and other American business leaders at the Consulate, engaged in Q&A sessions, rang the opening bell at NASDAQ, and hosted Roundtables, to spread the message of Vibrant Gujarat as an investment destination for varied industries, especially defense manufacturing and aviation, which Gupta stressed are on the cusp of rapid growth.

Gujarat Principal Secretary Finance J.P. Gupta, center, presenting memento to FIA executives, Dr. Sudhir Parikh, advisor FIA, left, and Ankur Vaidya, chairman of FIA, Oct. 28. PHOTO: ITV Gold
Dr. Sudhir Parikh, chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media, right, shaking hands with Gujarat Principal Secretary Finance J.P. Gupta, at ITV Gold offices in Edison, NJ, Oct. 28, 2023. PHOTO: ITV Gold

Speaking to ITV Gold in an exclusive interview in Edison, NJ, Oct. 28 Gupta traced the trajectory of Vibrant Gujarat from a small gathering of a few hundred people to a global problem-solving platform attracting some 46,000 visitors.

Gujarat’s Principal Secretary Finance J.P. Gupta, right, being interviewed at ITV Gold studios in Edison, NJ, Oct. 28, 2023. PHOTO: ITV Gold

“We have a special part at Vibrant Gujarat for NRIs,” Gupta said, where those from US who have performed exceedingly well in their adopted country, are feted. “We want to spread our message and bring them. They are very important partners,” he said. “When Gujarat grows, India grows,” Gupta said, dwelling on “greenfield areas” like GIFT City, and Dholera smart city where rapid growth was expected in the near future.

Executives of FIA-NYNJCT, other organizations, pose for a photo with Indian delegation for Vibrant Gujarat 2024 roadshow in NY and NJ, in Edison, NJ Oct. 28, 2023. PHOTO: ITV Gold
A section of the audience at the October 28, 2023, reception for Vibrant Gujarat 2024 delegation, at Moghul Ballroom in Edison, NJ. PHOTO: ITV Gold

At an event hosted by the Federation of Indian Associations of NYNJCT at the Moghul Ballroom in Edison, NJ, Oct. 28, Gupta held a Q&A session along with Consul General Randhir Jaiswal, answering queries from an audience of around 200 people, eager to hear about the January event and about opportunities in India.

Vibrant Gujarat 2024 delegation leader J.P. Gupta speaking at Edison, NJ event with community members. PHOTO: ITV Gold

Gupta spoke about India’s achievements including the latest moon mission, and went on to highlight opportunities in Gujarat, particularly focusing on the Vibrant Gujarat event in January and what it offered to Non-resident Indians and others.

#VGGS2024 Road show in New York attracts huge applause with participants showing keen interest in Gujarat growth story under visionary leadership of @narendramodi,” Gupta tweeted.

India’s Consul General in New York Randhir Jaiswal, speaking at Vibrant Gujarat 2024 roadshow event in Edison, NJ, Oct. 28, 2023. PHOTO: ITV Gold

Consul General Jaiswal provided hard data to show India’s expanding economy and progress, and the potential for investors and partnerships. Chairman of FIA Ankur Vaidya thanked attendees and praised the work of the Vibrant Gujarat team in FIA that helped organize the event welcoming Gupta and his delegation.

Chairman of FIA-NYNJCT Ankur Vaidya, speaking at Vibrant Gujarat 2024 roadshow event in Edison, NJ, Oct. 28, 2023. PHOTO: ITV Gold

NASDAQ Executive Vice Chair Ed Knight hosted the delegation to ring in the day’s trading Oct. 27, 2028. “Seek your continued support for bolstering India-US economic ties and contributing to India’s growth story. Vibrant Gujarat 2024 awaits you !” the delegation tweeted @IndiainNewYork, thanking Knight for his welcome. The NASDAQ building  boasted India’s flag, and projected the Vibrant Gujarat team on   as it rang to kickstart the day’s trading. Gupta called it “A historic and proud moment for India!!”

Bloomberg Vice Chairman Kevin Sheekey with Gujarat Principal Secretary Finance J.P. Gupta October 29, 2023. PHOTO X @JPGuptaIAS

Gupta also met the vice chairman of Bloomberg Kevin Sheekey, tweeting about the Oct. 28 meeting, “Met @ksheekey , Vice Chairman, Bloomberg in New York and discussed energy transition in developing world, ways to fund it and role @wef can play in it,” referring to the World Economic Forum held annually in Davos, Switzerland.

#GIFT #IFSC: New Frontier for Funds and Financial Services Firms” round table at Bloomberg Office, New York under the aegis of #VibrantGujarat draws tremendous response on newer opportunities offered to unlock potential of India,” Gupta tweeted Oct. 28, 2023.

Above: Roundtable at Indian Consulate Oct. 28, 2023, on unlocking the potential of branch campuses in Gujarat’s GIFT City. Below, some of the participants in the Roundtable, including Dr. Sudhir Parikh, 3rd from right, of Parikh Worldwide Media. PHOTOS: India in New York

Gupta also led a round table discussion attended by business leaders, including Dr. Sudhir Parikh, chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media and ITV Gold, entitled, “Unlocking the Potential of India through GIFT City.” The event was held at the Indian Consulate Oct. 27. The round table “Showcased the immense opportunities for US Universities in GIFT City and invited Universities to #VibrantGujarat2024 and @GIFTCity_,” the Indian Consulate tweeted with pictures showing the participants.

In his ITV Gold interview, Gupta called his New York visit, especially the meetings with NRIs, as well as at NASDAQ, Bloomberg, and Blackrock, “very, very exciting and positive developments,” drawing his conclusion based on how “excited” people were about India’s growth story.



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