World Vegan Vision of New Jersey donates rice to ISKCON Temple for Hunger Free Zone project

The Global Public Relations Director of World Vegan Vision, left, with Kaushik Vyas of LT Foods Ltd of Royal Rice with cartons of Basmati rice for the ISKCON Hunger Free Zone project in Baltimore. PHOTO: WVV

World Vegan Vision, founded by H.K. and Malti Shah, collaborated with Kaushik Vyas of LT Foods Ltd. of Royal Rice to donate 1.5 tons of Royal Basmati Rice to the ISKCON Temple Baltimore in support of their Hunger Free Zone project.

The Hunger Free Zone initiative aims to provide daily vegan, healthy meals to more than 200 less fortunate individuals in the Baltimore area. Through the partnership between World Vegan Vision and Royal Rice, the project seeks to promote a healthier way of life and address food insecurity in the local community, a press release from WVV said.

A truck loaded with Basmati rice donated by World Vegan Vision and LT Foods Ltd of Royal Rice for the Hunger Free Zone initiative of ISKCON in Baltimore. PHOTO: WVV

The entire project and distribution efforts were coordinated by the Global Public Relations Director of World Vegan Vision Nitin Vyas.

“This collaboration underscores the commitment of both organizations to making a positive impact and fostering a community where everyone has access to nutritious food,” WVV said in the press release.



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