What inspires Bhumika Chawla to paint

Bhumika Chawla loves to paint for herself. Photo: Prashant Golecha

Bhumika Chawla is fond of painting. Apart from playing different characters on screen, the actor is very creative on paper too, one talent that Bhumika has nurtured over the years.

On what inspires her to paint, she says, “It can come from anywhere, sometimes it’s another painting, sometimes it’s people, sometimes nature. Whatever gets a reaction from me, I paint that on paper. I don’t remember how many paintings I have made. I think not more than 15 or 20 that are good enough, but there are many I have worked on since I was a kid.”

She explains, ““I paint on and off, not very regularly. But since I was in school, I had an inclination for it. Earlier it used to be watercolors, now it is acrylic on canvas. I paint and draw my heart and mind on paper. It makes me happy,” says the actor, known for films like Tere Naam, and M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story. She has also done a number of Tamil and Telugu films.

A painting by Bhumika Chawla. Photo: Prashant Golecha

Now that we know about Bhumika’s flair for painting, one asks if she has ever thought of taking this up seriously enough to exhibit her work, and the actor answers, “It was on my bucket list for a long time to have my own painting exhibition, but with time passing, priorities change and other things take over. For now balancing between my career, my family and my child takes up most of my time. Probably sometime in future I might do an exhibition, I might do it!”

The actress, who is of North Indian origin,  was a model and has starred on TV and in over 50 films beginning with the Telugu film Yuvakudu. Idhe Maa Katha (2021) is her latest release. She began her Hindi innings with the 1998 short Masoom Tera Chehra, followed by Star Bestsellers: Fursat Mein on TV in 1999. Her film debut was in Tere Naam opposite Salman Khan in 2003.

She has recently been in the news for complaining that having a child has led producers to think that she is not interested in a career anymore. The Punjabi actress married her Yoga teacher-cum-boyfriend, Bharat Thakur, in 2007 and had their son, Yash, in 2014.




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