A book on poetry by an academic and scholar, Dr. Dwarika Uniyal

Mere Aasaan Jhooth is a book on his poems by Dr. Dwarika Uniyal, academic, teacher, vice-chancellor at RV University, actor and podcaster. Photo: Dr. Dwarika Unital

Dr. Dwarika Uniyal has written a compilation of his poems, Mere Aasaan Jhooth (My Easy Lies) that has been published recently by Prabhat Prakashan, New Delhi. The book is available on Amazon.

A senior academic, having spent more than 25 years in premier educational institutions in India and the Middle-East, Dr. Dwarika is a passionate Hindi poet, and author, and is involved in various social issues. He also serves on the board of many not-for-profit organizations and social startups involved with grassroots in India.

Dr. Dwarika Uniyal Photo: Dr. Dwarika Uniyal

Dr. Dwarika describes himself as a “teacher by profession and a poet at heart”, as he has been writing poems since the age of nine. For the last few years, he has also been taking part in Kavi-Sammelans and reciting his poems on radio. His verse has also been published in multiple publications and his maiden book on poetry, Ummeedon Ke Pankh (Wings of Hope) was published in 2022, and was honored by the Jaipur Literary Association.

Also fond of acting and podcasting, Dr. Dwarika’s maiden short film, Lifaafe (Envelopes) was shown at Singapore last year. He is currently working on a  documentary and is also associated with the Kolkata-based literary organization, Neelambar.

Dr. Dwarika’s tastes in poetry veer towards interesting and frequently abstract word-play, liberal use of English words written in Hindi, and incisive social comments, as in his poem, Kaali nadi, in which he writes about the all-absorbing river next to a classically polluted city, using vivid imagery.

Born in Uttarakhand and brought up in Rajasthan, Dr. Dwarka has done his Ph. D. (Doctorate) from Gujarat and is currently Vice-Chancellor of the R.V. University in Bangalore.




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