Tu Zakhm Hai is unique love story of a captor and his hostage

Gashmeer Mahajani and Donal Bisht play captor and hostage respectively in MX Player’s dark romance, Tu Zakhm Hai. Photo: Think Ink Communications

Set against the backdrop of high society and the Delhi crime world, MX Player has dropped episodes of its new long format series, Tu Zakhm Hai. This story highlights the life of Viraj Trehan (Gashmeer Mahajani), a Hawala king who runs his illegal operations with an iron fist, hiding behind the facade of a real estate mogul.

They say opposites attract, so nobody would imagine the fiercely independent and strong Kavya Grewal (Donal Bisht) will cross paths with the prince of white crime. Circumstances lead Viraj to hold Kavya hostage as a special guest, while love finds mysterious ways to bloom in this otherwise hopeless situation. But when two diametrically different worlds collide, there are consequences beyond imagination.

Will Viraj be able to straighten his present and blur his past? Will Kavya work through her emotions and accept what is truly in her heart? Will Kavya and Viraj find common ground that will allow them to coexist in love?

Talking about his character and this series, Gashmeer Mahajani, son of the Marathi film star Ravindra Mahajani, said: “This is such an exciting phase in my career, I truly consider myself fortunate to be able to dabble in the world of TV and now on OTT with Tu Zakhm Hai. Playing Viraj was like being on an emotional rollercoaster: he might be considered a white-collar criminal, but he has so many shades—angry, dominant, loyal yet vulnerable. He’s been the most challenging character I have ever played.”

Passionate to a fault, decisive and empathetic, Kavya Grewal, a clinical psychologist, is played by Donal Bisht. Talking about the show, Donal said, “I am so excited to be a part of a project that is so very different, be it the concept of a dark romance that sees so many unexpected twists and turns or be it the fact that it is a long format show on an OTT platform with such a wide audience reach.”

Directed by Aniruddha Rajederkar and Noel Smith, the series also stars Nehal Chudasama, Parinita Seth, Jinal Joshi, Sachin Verma, Aparna Kumar, Udhav Vij, Saurabh Man and Abhinav Verma.

Produced by Inspire Films Private Limited (a Beyond Dreams company), Tu Zakhm Hai streams on MX Player.



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