MX Player streams Virodh, a blend of crime, romance and sports

MX Player’s new thirller, Virodh, is set in the sand-mining zones of Uttar Pradesh. Photo: Concept PR

Set in the world of illegal sand-mining in Western Uttar Pradesh, MX Player has dropped the crime thriller, Virodh. The 7-episode series follows the story of Kajri (played by Pritha Bakshi), a young sportswoman whose life is turned upside down after the brutal murder of her father and brother. Fighting the odds of life with her mother, Kajri finds herself at the mercy of her ruthless uncle Brijbhan, who takes over the family’s business and plans to marry her off to Vishesh, the son of a powerful local politician.

Defying Brijban’s plans, Kajri elopes with her high-school sweetheart Gogi (Abhinav Ranga), a javelin throw enthusiast, hoping to build a life together away from the violence and corruption that surrounds them. But their happiness is short-lived as Brijbhan retaliates by killing Gogi’s family, forcing Kajri to make a difficult choice.

In a desperate attempt to save Gogi’s life, Kajri offers to marry Vishesh, but their wedding night turns into a bloodbath as a violent shootout erupts. On the run from Brijbhan and his henchmen, can Kajri and Gogi survive the dangerous world in which they find themselves?

Talking about her character, Pritha said, “Portraying Kajri has been an enlightening experience, in the sense that I embodied not just the personality but also the life of a small-town girl and the possibilities that lay ahead of her: a grounded character full of dreams and hopes in the face of adversity. Being a fitness enthusiast really helped me in the training while shooting. It was a great opportunity to be a part of this journey. I hope the audience love it the same way I did.”

Abhinav adds, “Playing Gogi was an exciting experience. Gogi’s character has a complex and layered back-story, which makes it all the more interesting to portray. It was fun, as ‘he’ made me learn and experience a lot of things that I think I couldn’t have in our mundane lifestyles. The sports element in the show added another layer of excitement and challenge. Training for the javelin-throwing scenes was rigorous, but being into sports since a young age was a factor that really helped me understand the dedication and discipline that athletes go through to excel in their field. I am looking forward to the audience reactions in this one-of-its-kind series.”

Directed and created by Rahul Dahiya, the series also stars Ashish Nehra, Manoj Rathi, Jaspal Kaur, Deepak Kapoor, Geetanjali Mishra, Rajbeer Singh, Vickey, Bhavana and Simran.





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