Councilman receives important endorsement in run for NY State Assembly

Anil Beephan, candidate for NY State Assembly from Dist. 105. Photo: campaign of Anil Beephan

Councilman Anil Beephan of East Fishkill Township, has received the Police Conference of New York (PCNY) endorsement of his candidacy for the New York State Assembly from District 105. He made the announcement October 19, 2022.

The PCNY is the state’s largest police organizations, representing about 50,000 members, a press release from Beephan’s campaign noted.

Police Conference letter of endorsement of Anil Beephan candidacy NYC. Photo: campaign mail from Beephan’s office.

Beephan, who launched his statewide campaign Oct. 27, 2021, said he was ‘honored’ to receive the Police Conference of New York endorsement and thanked the membership for their support.

“I look forward to strengthening our partnership in Albany, where I vow to promote legislation that gives police officers the tools they need to keep our communities safe,” Beephan said in a statement.

At East Fishkill, Beephan oversees one of the largest police departments in Dutchess County, “giving him the insights and knowledge needed to combat Cashless Bail Reform and advocate for public safety initiatives,” the press release said.

If elected to Albany, Beephan vowed to:

 Vote to REPEAL Cashless Bail
Give Control Back to Judges
Support Law Enforcement

“Together, we can ensure that our heroes in uniform have the necessary resources to serve the public better and keep our communities safe,” Beephan said.

The East Fishkill Councilman began his life in public service as a volunteer firefighter for the East Fishkill Fire District, where he served for more than eight years.

He then served as a Community Relations Specialist for NY State Senator Sue Serino, where he was exposed to  legislative affairs in Albany.

He was elected to East Fishkill Town Council in 2018.

“During his tenure, Anil helped countless residents with state and local issues while keeping his community informed with vital information,” the campaign website says. He launched the #HometownHotspots tour to showcase small businesses and non-profits and to create an open dialogue on becoming better government partners.

“Dismayed by the media-driven national resentment of law enforcement during the pandemic,” Beephan launched the ‘Hudson Valley Goes Blue in Support of Law Enforcement’ initiative spurring thousands of Hudson Valley residents to turn their porch lights blue to show support for police officers.



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