Trump campaign launches four coalitions targeting Indian-American voters

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The Donald J. Trump for President campaign announced the launch of four new campaign coalitions that reveal the importance of Indian-Americans in the upcoming Nov. 3 elections. Both Democrats and Republicans appear to have concluded that minority of around two million voters could be crucial in a few key battleground states to swing things in their favor.

The coalitions, ‘Indian Voices for Trump,’ ‘Hindu Voices for Trump,’ ‘Sikhs for Trump,’ and ‘Muslim Voices for Trump,’ “will engage community members nationwide to fight against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ socialist agenda and ensure prosperity and security for four more years,” an Aug. 14, 2020 press release from the campaign said. The goal is to “promote President Trump’s fight for economic empowerment, quality education, and law and order.”

Republican activists like Asheesh Agarwal who is one of the advisors to Indian Voices for Trump, told News India Times, “Indian-Americans are an important constituency particularly in battleground states. More than a million Indians are in these states.”

Agarwal, an attorney from Indiana and former general counsel to the Social Security Administration during the George W. Bush and Trump administrations, said in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania etc, Indian-Americans could be the key players.

“The elections are going to be so close that a few thousand votes could make the difference,” Agarwal said, mirroring the views of Democrat Shekar Narasimhan, founder of AAPI Victory Fund political action committee.

The Trump campaign formed these groups to highlight the President’s efforts to build strong relations with India and his close relations with Prime Minister Modi, Agarwal indicated.

“And the President’s domestic policies have also been great for Indian-Americans – a framework for the economy where Indians can flourish- tax cuts, job creation, religious liberty,” Agarwal said.

“Indian Americans are thriving under President Trump’s commitment to honor the comprehensive global strategic partnership with India, which includes the preservation of democracy, freedom, law and order and the advancement of quality education and economic empowerment,” says the website “The choice for President is clear for Indian American voters: four more years of a Trump Presidency will further build on our US-India partnership and secure a prosperous future for all Indian American families,” it goes on to add.

The Advisory Board of the Indian Voices for Trump includes high profile California attorney Harmeet Dhillon, who is also on Women for Trump. Other co-chairs on the Advisory Board include Dr. Merlynn Carson, the daughter-in-law of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, Mrinalani Kumari, and a slew of other Indian-American members including Dr. Sampat Shivangi of Mississippi, and Dr. Vanila Singh of California.

“These four campaign coalitions represent groups that strongly support the values of President Trump and the Republican Party: freedom, democracy, and the American Dream,” Ashley Hayek, Trump 2020 Director of Coalitions is quoted saying in the press release. “As Joe Biden promises to impose high taxes, undermine family values, and make our streets less safe, we stand with President Trump and his mission to Make America Great Again.”

The Hindu Voices for Trump coalition says on its website that the group “honors contributions by the millions of Americans of Hindu faith. The inclusive economy, commitment to building up US-Indian relations, and fierce support for religious liberties for all is unmatched. Re-electing President Trump will reduce obstacles to religious freedoms for Hindus in America.”

‘Sikhs for Trump’ says it “recognizes the selfless service of Sikh Americans in building up their communities. Four more years of President Trump means four more years of religious freedoms and economic prosperity for Sikhs in America.”

‘Muslim Voices for Trump’ says it “will energize and mobilize the Muslim community in re-electing President Donald J. Trump by sharing the many successes of the Trump Administration. Re-electing President Trump will ensure the protection of religious liberties, economic prosperity, and educational opportunities for Muslims in America.”




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