Shomik Chaudhuri’s book ‘Some Whispers From Eternity’ Wins 2024 International Impact Book Award

Book jacket. PHOTO: Courstesy Shomik Chaudhuri

Shomik Chaudhuri’s comprehensive book ‘Some Whispers From Eternity’ has won the 2024 International Impact Book Award in the Spiritual Book Category.

The book aims to discuss achieving the goal of self-realization through Om Kriya Yoga. Much in the fashion of a medical compendium, it describes Vedic scriptures and practices, making it a serious and informative read.

Established in 2019, the International Impact Book Awards are given to books published by traditional publishing houses, innovative publishers, and self-published authors.

Speaking about the award, Chaudhuri told Desi Talk that he was happy his book was awarded. “The primary reason for my happiness is because my efforts at conveying the importance of developing our spiritual side seem to have created some ramifications,” he said.

Chaudhuri said, “The book has at least received the first attention, although my guru’s idea to get the whole humanity involved is quite far.”

Another reason for his happiness was that the ideal of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the whole earth is one family) which the book and his non-profit organization both share will find a way to the heart of the readers, Chaudhuri said.

Chaudhuri who is a United Nations representative for his non-profit formed and based in Kolkata, India, in 1996, said the principles of the organization are based on ‘One Earth, One Family’ sustainable goal of the UN. It is this goal which the book aims to further through self search and realization.

With various projects empowering adults and children in rural and urban areas of India, the organization has a Special Consultative status with EcoSoc of UN. Having organized the first Indian handicrafts exhibition at the UN in 2005, the organization participates in high level meetings and recommends policies for social development.

According to Chaudhuri, the book can help people overcome sadness, sorrow, anxiety, depression and uplift their spirit with the practice of OM Kriya Yoga. “It would bring awareness of the link between all beings, and lead to world peace for which we are looking desperately”, Chaudhuri said.

The book discusses methods to achieve the ultimate goal of realization of the oneness amongst everything. Like the theories of quantum physics in which Chaudhuri is interested, the book tries to bring to light the oneness of the universe. “When we realize this, we will not need weapons of war,” he said.

“Winning the International Impact Book Award is more than an accolade – it’s a testament to the quality and significance of one’s work,” Chaudhuri said. He said, “the award has signaled to the readers that the book stands out in a crowded literary landscape”. “The award has given the book an opportunity to be recognized,” he said.

Published by Dorrance Publishing, Co., Inc, of Pittsburgh, PA, the192 page paperback (IISBN 979-8-89027-386-4) is available at from the publisher and major bookstores, and as a downloadable EBook.



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