Cleaning the oceans one brick at a time: Indian scholar shows potential of international students in US

Shubham Harishchandra Madhavi. PHOTO: Courtesy Pace University

Shubham Harishchandra Madhavi of Pace University’s Seidenberg School, in New York City, recently won the Project Planet USA contest, securing a $15,000 grant for his “groundbreaking” concept: bio-bricks crafted from ocean plastic to revive coral reefs and combat environmental degradation.

Pace describes him as a “trailblazing” graduate student “whose passion for innovation and sustainability is reshaping our fight against climate change.”

Originally from Mumbai, Shubham’s journey to New York “embodies resilience and determination,” Pace U said in a press release.

“Despite facing countless hurdles, his unwavering perseverance propelled him to victory, earning him the resources to turn his vision into reality,” the University maintains.

“It was like a surprise to win because I knew that the event was going to happen, but I did not have any like expectations that I was going to be the winner,” Madhavi is quoted saying.

With the support and resources provided, he envisions a future where his innovative bio-bricks make a global impact, including in his homeland, India.

“If there is very much future scope and we keep getting support then I might be doing this full time. Because I would love to contribute to the climate change (sic) help nature.”

He has a vision to scale his invention to a global scale. And his efforts have received support from the educational institution which sees the potential in international students.

A Pace spokesperson told News India Times that Madhavi’s accomplishment is “a powerful narrative that underscores the value of diverse educational experiences and the positive contributions of international students to our communities.”

The University went on to say, “Shubham’s story is a testament to the transformative power of determination and innovation in tackling our most pressing environmental challenges,” adding, “Join us in supporting his mission to create a greener, more sustainable future—one bio-brick at a time.”



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