Rutgers students, including two of Indian origin, selected as Goldwater Scholars

Eesh Gupta, Sohaib Hassan, Andrew Schwartz and Julia Shneidman from the School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers-New Brunswick were named Goldwater Scholars. Photo: Nick Romonenka at

Four Rutgers University-New Brunswick students, two of Indian origin, were among the  Goldwater Scholars, awarded for excellence in mathematics, science and engineering. The University made the announcement April 7, 2022.

The four students are doing research in bioinformatics to slow down chronic illnesses like muscular dystrophy, developing computers that can outperform conventional ones through quantum computing, using theoretical math like topology to analyze geometric objects and studying tiny particles called neutrinos to understand our universe better, the press release said.

The Goldwater Scholarships are given to outstanding undergraduates to encourage them to pursue careers in mathematics and natural sciences and engineering. Rutgers-New Brunswick was awarded the most 2022 Goldwater Scholars in New Jersey with all four students nominated from the School of Arts and Sciences selected. This year’s group ties a 2015 record for the most students from Rutgers named in a single year.

“These outstanding individuals – Eesh Gupta, Sohaib Hassan, Andrew Schwartz and Julia Shneidman – will surely make a great difference for the world in whatever careers they choose,”  Rutgers-New Brunswick Chancellor-Provost Francine Conway is quoted saying in the press release. “Their selection as Goldwater Scholars is a tremendous accomplishment for each of these students, and for our institution as a whole.”

Universities and four-year colleges may nominate up to four Goldwater candidates annually. The recipients receive up to $7,500 to help cover costs associated with room and board, tuition, mandatory fees and books. Four hundred seventeen students were awarded the scholarship from a pool of over 1,242 college sophomores and juniors nominated by 433 academic institutions.

“The stars aligned for the second time, and what stars Julia, Sohaib, Eesh and Andrew proved themselves to be, too,” said Arthur D. Casciato, director of Rutgers’ Office of Distinguished Fellowships. “These four outstanding young scientists comprise perhaps the strongest slate of candidates Rutgers has ever sent forward for the Goldwater Scholarship.”




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