Indian-origin students among leaders of Princeton sit-in related to Israel and Gaza

Princeton U protesters PHOTO: X @pawprinceton

At least two Indian-origin students have been playing a leading role in the protests being held at Princeton University calling for divestment from Israel, and pro-Palestine.

Earlier last week, April 25, Indian American student Achinthya Sivalingam was among the first to be arrested, along with Hassan Sayed.

Later, on April 29, the protesters tried to stage a sit-in at Clio Hall, and at least two were taken in by police, the Princeton Alumni Weekly reported. That night, a Princeton professor, Max Weiss, spoke to the hundreds who were in the crowd, saying, “Everyone must clear the road in order to allow the following to occur. All of the students, those on the bus and inside of Clio Hall, will be issued a summons and released. If you do not disperse, the Princeton Police Department is here and will begin arresting people,” the news outlet quoted him saying.

Princeton U pro-Palestine protests. PHOTO: X @pawprinceton

But the students tried blocking the entrance to the building. “… people locked arms to block the entrance to the building. A few shouted for those who are American citizens to move to the front, to protect the international students behind them,” the Alumni Weekly reported.

At this point, Aditi Rao, a graduate student, came out of the building and waved a paper identified as a ‘summons’ in the news report, at the crowd, shouting, “I got arrested so we could get a meeting. I got suspended so we could get a meeting. … I say we hold it.”

At her urging, the crowd began to chant, “Hold it, hold it,” the news report said.



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