How to Crush Your Goals and Become a Go-Getter?

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There are many schools of thoughts in terms of how successful people set themselves apart from others. One idea is to have a Big Picture Goal. It’s also known as BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). I mean, really going for it. Setting a goal so big that you know you most likely won’t attain it this year or even in next 5 years. 

Makarand Utpat

The whole idea is to push yourself and to think outside your comfort zone. The idea is also to give yourself permission to start imagining and expanding your mindset and challenging your limiting beliefs. 

Many times, we set our bar so low that we develop an inferiority complex. We put ourselves in a very limited bucket and accept it as a reality. We are afraid that we will fail and that’s why we never aim for bigger things. We succumb to life and that becomes our status-quo. Thus, we never end up achieving our true potential. 

The key thing is that your goals and thoughts have to be in alignment with each other. They have to follow with consistent actions. Many people miss the boat on that. That’s why new year’s resolutions fail. After the initial excitement fizzles down, they don’t keep up with it because of lack of consistent actions. Remember, motivation doesn’t live on its own unless backed by deliberate actions. 

When you set bigger goals coupled with inspired actions, it changes the whole ball-game. You start ignoring petty things that weigh you down. You begin not to worry about how others are judging you. It changes your outlook towards yourself, how you start to perceive others and in general, how you start to perceive and pursue your life’s outlook. 

The idea here is that, when you’re aiming to achieve your goals even if you don’t hit those milestones, you will at least start moving towards them. You will be far closer to the finish line than you are not starting the race at all. Your goal should be so inspiring that it should itself create a momentum in your life. 

Get into the habit of challenging yourself by asking, “What-if it works?”

See what I mean? The bigger the better!

Then, break that big goal down into smaller gulps. You can have yearly markers for getting you to your goal. Then set quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. Start working backwards. My daily goals are focused on achieving top 3 things for that day. I time-block my activities in 60 to 90 minutes by allocating enough breaks.

So, go for the gusto. The greatest journey always begins with the first step. 

Step out this year. Crush your old thinking. Become bold. Become fearless in pursuit of greatness. Challenge your self-limiting beliefs. Backup your goals with consistent and deliberate actions. You will notice a remarkable difference in terms of where you were and where you have come in just a short few months. 

Author: Makarand Utpat is a business growth consultant, speaker, and digital marketing specialist. He helps business owners achieve their online goals using proven strategies. He has authored or co-authored multiple books on technology, leadership, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Subscribe to his podcast show “New Age of Influence” on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple iTunes. His website is and he can be reached at 888-360-4535.



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