The untapped gold mine of rule 3Cs that virtually no one talks about


Life is about taking the bull by the horn. It is about what direction you give it rather than letting it control you. It is also about giving yourself permission to become happy. If we don’t do it, no one will do it for us. 

Makarand Utpat

I was like that. I was reactive and I let the change dictate me rather than me steering it. But not until, I learned the rule of 3Cs – Choice, Chance and Change!

We must make the choice and take the chances if we want anything in life to change.

This “Rule of 3Cs” has become a gold mine for me. It has been my growth hacking technique.

Change doesn’t come to those who wait and simply wish for better things. Even if you are on the fast track but sit idle, you’ll go nowhere. 

Knowing what to do is not same as doing it. i.e. there is a difference between knowing and doing.

Whether we like it or not, we have our own philosophy. It’s rooted in little choices we make every day. So if you want change something, it starts with instilling new choices, making a commitment and staying true to it. Habits keep us going on those choices after all the fizz is gone. 

As Peter Drucker famously said “when we see a successful person or a successful business, it’s because someone took a chance.”

Little efforts done consistently produce huge outcomes over time. Our long-term success is the direct result of what we achieve every day.

Only you can define what success means to you. Block half a day just for yourself void of any distractions. Turn off your social media, TV and notifications. Be ready for lots of coffee. 

Come up with a list of what would you like to change in life, what has held you back and why, how your life will be better or worse, what are new commitments, how will you acquire resources and how will you make it happen etc.

Introspect. Write. Come up with an action plan. Be honest.

I guarantee that your perspectives –towards life, career, goals and most importantly, towards your loved ones –will change drastically. 

Here are my 10 tips to tap into the gold mine of rule of 3Cs:

  1. Make choices. Imbibe new habits. Be ready for new realities.
  2. Take chances. Educate yourself and remain informed.
  3. Bet on your strengths. Become more self-aware of yourself
  4. Rekindle what you’re passionate about and go after it.
  5. Stay away from negative people or the dream killers.
  6. Take a leap of faith. Accept that you will not have all answers.
  7. Do not be afraid of making mistakes or get influenced by social judgment.
  8. Take risks. Fail few times. Be ready to make a fool of yourself. 
  9. Learn and bounce back from failures.
  10. Enjoy the ride. Win.

Wishing you all the best.

Author: Makarand Utpat is a business growth consultant, speaker and digital marketing specialist. He helps business owners achieve their online goals using proven strategies. He has authored or coauthored multiple books on technology, leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing. Subscribe to his podcast show “New Age of Influence” on Spotify, Apple and Amazon. His website is and he can be reached at 888-360-4535. 



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