FIA Chicago hosts Yoga-Picnic highlighting unity and wellness

Around 200 people attended the June 25, 2023 Yoga-Picnic hosted by the Federation of Indian Associations-Chicago, in Elk Grove. PHOTO: collage provided by FIA-Chicago

The Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) Chicago, a community organization established in 1980, hosted a Yoga-Picnic event on Sunday, June 25, 2023, in Elk Grove Village.

Organizers said it was attended by over 200 people of diverse backgrounds.

The Consul General of India in Chicago, Somnath Ghosh, was the chief guest. He delivered a speech on how yoga profoundly impacts individual and community health, reinforcing the ancient Indian wisdom that has transcended borders, a press release from FIA-Chicago said.

Consul General Ghosh’s presence, “symbolizes the strong bond between the Indian community in Chicago and our homeland. We are immensely grateful for their unwavering support,” President of FIA Chicago, Dr. Rashmi Patel is quoted saying in the press release.

He also thanked attendees and said it demonstrated the growing interest in yoga.

The Yoga-Picnic not only focused on physical well-being but also celebrated India’s cultural heritage.

Participants were treated to flavors of Indian cuisine, featuring an array of vegetarian dishes and refreshing beverages. Traditional Indian music and garba performances added joy to the festivities.

Trustee-Chairman Satish Gabhawala (Sunny) expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated trustees including Rajesh Patel, Bhailal Patel, Kanti S. Patel, Hina Trivedi, Anil Pillai, Sohan Joshi, Kanti Patel.  Dr. Rashmi Patel expressed his thanks to EC members including Shrujal Patel, Dr. Hemant Patel, Cecil Joseph, Abraham Thomas, Jayesh Patel, Mukesh Shah, and all the members of FIA Chicago,

He praised the efforts and commitment to women’s empowerment that made this Yoga-Picnic a resounding success. The Women Empowerment Cell, led by Heena Pandya, made exceptional contributions in organizing and managing every aspect of the event, the press release said. “Their unwavering dedication to promoting women’s leadership and empowerment within the community was evident in the seamless execution of the Yoga-Picnic,” it added.

Under the guidance of experienced yoga instructors, attendees were introduced to various yoga postures and breathing exercises. The surrounding greenery contributed to a sense of tranquility for participants, organizers said.

“As a leading non-profit organization of Indians since 1980 and the largest Indian American Umbrella organization, FIA Chicago is dedicated to organizing events and initiatives that celebrate Indian culture, heritage, and values,” the press release said.



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