“Every day counts” in India’s Covid crisis: American India Foundation appeal

Taramuni Sankh is an award-winning Sahiya Saathi in Jharkhand. Sankh and 2,265 community health workers have been trained in response to COVID-19 and were provided with masks for self-protection by Tata Steel. Together, they are a formidable force across 1,686 villages in Jharkhand and Odisha. Photo: courtesy aif.org

The American India Foundation, a leading non-governmental organization in the United States has dispatched 500 oxygen concentrators to Delhi as of April 29, 2021.

Meant to “swiftly shore up supplies of oxygen in India’s capital” the supply is in response to the oxygen S.O.S. by the Delhi State government, the AIF said in a press release.

The concentrators are expected to reach during the coming weekend of May 1. “Every day counts. Now more than ever,” the AIF declared. “We continue to work with our partners to source and deploy thousands of concentrators to hospitals in states across India,” AIF said.

The organization has developed a three-pronged intervention strategy to address the latest crisis that include Health Facility Interventions, Frontline Health Worker Interventions, and Community-centered Interventions.

The Health Facility Interventions include providing oxygen concentrators to primary care facilities in rural areas, where there has been a dire shortage; procuring and ensuring the installation of ventilators in states that have expressed a need; adding portable hospitals to address the shortage of beds; and procuring and ensuring installation of cold-storage equipment as vaccine production ramps up.

The Frontline Health Worker Interventions include community screening and home-based management by providing pulse oximeters to state governments and Personal Protective Equipment to these workers.

Community-centered Interventions include an awareness campaign and ensuring nutrition of key vulnerable groups via cash tranafer.

India is in the throes of an unparalleled emergency with the world’s highest tally of covid cases and number of deaths, each day, AIF noted, appealing to supporters to help “in this fight to save lives.”

In 2020, during the first phase of coronavirus, AIF reached out to more than 500,000 people with protective gear and close to 900,000 with prepared meals and ration kits, through its mass awareness and prevention drive, the organization said

“Now, we ask you to join us again to help us shore up supplies of medical oxygen amid rising demand for beds, as a fast-spreading second wave of coronavirus devastates through the country,” it said.

The AIF is working with local governments, hospitals, and stakeholders to understand the needs from cities to rural villages.

“Our 20 years of working within these systems and our expansive network allows us to quickly direct equipment to where it is needed,” it assured those who wish to donate. (aif.org)




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