Sewa International USA raises more than $5 Million for covid-relief in India

Cover page of Sewa International’s India Covid initiative on Facebook account. Photo: Facebook

Sewa International USA, a Houston, Texas based nonprofit that works in the areas of disaster recovery, education, and development has launched a ‘Help India Defeat COVID-19’ campaign to ship oxygen concentrators to Indian hospitals.

With the number of new cases crossing 300,000 daily and a steady rise in number of fatalities, Indian hospitals are under serious stress to accommodate new patients.

As a second wave of COVID-19 overwhelms India’s healthcare system causing an acute shortage of oxygen, ventilators, and hospital beds across the country, several Indian-American organizations and individuals have sprung forward to help.

Sewa International says it has raised $5,784,807, as of April 29, in its $10 million goal in a fundraiser started on April 23, 2021 on Facebook. The funds are being used to procure medical equipment supplies, as well as getting the equipment and essential supplies to hospitals, institutions, and individuals in India.

Some 2,584 oxygen-concentrators have already been shipped to the country.

Sewa is also providing food and medicines to about 10,000 families and more than 1000 orphanages, and senior citizen centers across the country, according to a press release from the organization.

Sewa’s Vice President for Marketing and Fund Development Sandeep Khadkekar, responding to the overwhelming support for their fundraising campaign said, “We are deeply moved by the response we have received from all of you for our fundraiser. Sewa appreciates your willingness to donate for a cause that would save many lives in India. Our top priority is to procure and ship oxygen concentrators to India as soon as possible.”



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