Edison Mayoral candidate Mahesh Bhagia pledges to work full-time if elected

Mahesh Bhagia, candidate for Mayor of Edison, N.J., standing. Sitting, from left, Edison City Council candidates Sparshil Patel, Shoonon Peng, Thomas McCann. Photo Courtesy – Mahesh Bhagia

Candidate for Mayor of Edison, N.J. township, Mahesh Bhagia has vowed to work full-time if elected to office.

In a press release from the Edison Democratic Organization (EDO) which supported Bhagia’s candidacy, Bhagia is quoted saying, “There is a huge disconnect between Edison’s elected officials and the township’s residents.”

He further said, “The township is at a crossroads and needs a dedicated full-time mayor to bring the community together to tackle vendor fraud, out-of-control taxes, broken sewer/water systems and rebuilding our small business community. We need clear cut channels of communication between town residents and our elected officials because we’re missing that right now. I pledge to run a full-time mayoral office. We’ll host regular town hall meetings and we’ll have an open-door policy so all who want to participate can do so.”

According to the EDO, the Edison Township Council had passed an ordinance in November of last year that would change the post in 2022 from part-time to full-time.

Bhagia has criticized Mayor Tom Lankey of allegedly being a ‘part time’ top official of the city, the press release said.

The EDO stated in the press release that “As a part-time mayor Tom Lankey, who also works as a senior vice president for JFK Health System and also serves part-time as board chairman for Magyar Bank, cannot serve the 5th largest municipality in NJ with the kind of commitment its residents need.”

The EDO press release also noted that on March 27, 2021 community Leaders and elected officials in the Chinese community expressed their support for Bhagia’s campaign for Edison Mayor and Tom McCann, Shannon Peng, and Sparshil Patel for Council.




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