Mayor Joshi makes history: promotes two South-Asian officers to Sergeant, a first in Edison Police Department

Mayor of Edison Township, N.J. Sam Joshi, center, made history when he recently promoted two South Asian police officers, Neel Patel, left, and Ayaz Mahmood, right, to the rank of sergeant, the first time in the 100 year history of the Edison Police Department. Photo: Detective Chelsea Richard, Edison Police Department

For the first time in the history of the Edison Police Department, two officers of South Asian Edison Mayor Sam Joshi and Police Chief Thomas Bryan recently announced the promotion of 25 Sergeants within the Edison Police Department, including Sergeant Ayaz Mahmood and Sergeant Neel Patel, the two first South-Asian officers to reach that rank  in the department’s 100-year history.

Edison Police Officer Neel Patel, shaking hands with Mayor Sam Joshi, who in early March 2023, promoted him to the rank of Sergeant. Photo: Detective Chelsea Richard, Edison Police Department

In a month that marks the 100-year anniversary of the Edison Police Department’s establishment, the latest promotions aim to fill supervisory gaps stemming from recent retirements, ensure adequate leadership and staffing department-wide to maintain downward trends in violence and overall crime, and also boost diversity through the ranks with new leadership that will further reflect Edison’s diverse population, a press release from the Mayor’s office said.

Mayor Sam Joshi recently promoted some 25 police officers to the rank of Sergeant in the Edison Police Department. Seen here is the Mayor, center, with the officers at the event held in early March 2023. Detective Chelsea Richard, Edison Police Department

In his remarks during the promotion ceremony, Mayor Joshi – who is himself the first Mayor of South-Asian descent in Edison Township’s history, said, “We will continue to strengthen our police department with the best officers in the state, keeping in mind that a diverse and inclusive police force is the only way to
better understand and meet the needs of one of the most diverse townships in the nation. Today’s promotions are a firm move in that direction.”

Mayor Joshi went on to say, he couldn’t be more proud of Edison’s police officers and leadership as the department continues the progress seen in recent years to reshape the department, enhance public safety, community relations, and quality of life overall for all Edison residents.

Mayor Sam Joshi speaking to police officers at an event to promote 25 of them to the rank of Sergeant in early March 2023. Photo:Detective Chelsea Richard, Edison Police Department

“Recruitment, hiring and retention of the best law enforcement officers is critical for a safe, thriving community,” added Mayor Joshi.
Over the last year, Mayor Joshi has hired 13 new police officers, promoted 3 Captains and 12 Lieutenants, directed the installation of more than 60 license plate readers on EPD vehicles, launched Live for 911 dispatch to facilitate a real-time view of emergency calls, and added a departmental K9 Unit with 2 police canines, the press release said.



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