Yash Pandya, youngest candidate for Edison Board of Education

Yash Pandya, 25, the youngest candidate vying for a place on The Edison Board of Education. Photo: Twitter

At 25, Yash Pandya is this year’s youngest candidate to run for a seat in the Edison Board of Education elections.

A recent graduate of the town’s public school system, Pandya believes he has a lot to contribute when it comes to the betterment of the school district and students. He thinks school overcrowding is a concern and presents a plan to tackle the issue.

Pandya hopes his candidacy inspires young men and women to get involved in the community.

Recently, unknown people damaged campaign signs of his candidacy planted in the neighborhood, but Yash is persistent in his candidacy and continues to run a positive campaign.

News India Times interviewed Yash Pandya about his background and campaign:

Q: Tell me something about your background.

Pandya: I have lived in Edison since my whole life and I am a proud product of our Edison Public School System, having attended Elementary and Middle School. Following which, I was fortunate enough to attend the Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technologies a countywide public high school in Edison and then to Rutgers Business School, Rutgers University. Currently I am a corporate professional, an entrepreneur, and a very active community leader.

Q: What made you run for the Board of Education?

Pandya: Our Edison Board of Education System has very experienced leadership and board members and they have input coming from various administrations and teachers.

What I saw missing was the aspect of student input. The board of education is a system and process designed for the betterment, growth and development of our students and teachers. I feel that student input is an important part of the system and I want to bring that kind of real-time knowledge to the Education Board in Edison. I have colleagues in the Edison Public School system who are teachers/support staff, friends who are current students in the school system, and friends who are recent graduates like myself still tied with the school system. As a result of this, I have the real time understanding and knowledge of what the students and teachers are going through at the tactical level. Additionally, as a recent graduate of the Edison Public School System, I personally have the knowledge in career, academic, and recreational processes. I wish to bring this value and knowledge to our Edison Board of Education to work collaboratively with the current Board of Education, Superintendent and the Administration, and the rest of the community.

  1. What reforms do you plan to bring to the table if elected?

Pandya: I want to help maximize the value of our taxpayers’ dollars in the community and that will result in transparency for the community. I want to help the board in thinking from a bottom-to-top approach, where we are bringing the focus back to our Stakeholders (students, teachers, and parents). We are currently doing a Top-to-bottom approach, which includes strategic ideas (Ex. Vendors).

I think if we start focusing at tactical level, which are our Stakeholders who experience the changes, then I think we will be able to make more effective and targeted decisions when it comes to spending taxpayer money, ensure that the value of taxpayers’ dollars is maximized, and as a result transparency is created within the community.

Q: When did this vandalism happen? Who do you think did it and why?

Pandya: It happened about a month ago when I had initially put up signs, I was the first candidate to have my campaign signs up in Edison, for the Board of Education elections. Although, I am not too focused on who did it or why they did it. My objective is to continue running a positive campaign by showing respect to all candidates and their teams. Additionally, I voice my ideas, thoughts, and concerns that I believe are of value to voters, students, teachers and parents so that they can make an informed decision to ensure that the most appropriate candidates are elected to the Board of Education.

Q: Do you have any message for the voters?

Pandya: First and foremost, voting is very important in all communities. I encourage everyone to register and vote. Everyone’s voice matters and will help the community at large.

I wish to bring a true and positive change to our community by bringing the focus back to our students, who are the future of the community. Please remember to vote on
COLUMN  3, Yash Pandya for Edison Board of Education.



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