Jagruti Patel running for East Windsor Board of Education

Jagruti Patel, candidate for the East Windsor, NJ., Board of Education. Photo: Facebook

An Indian-American resident of East Windsor, New Jersey, Jagruti Patel, is running for a full three-year term on the school board. Two other residents – incumbent school board members Jeanne Marlene Bourjolly and Robert P. Laverty are also vying for the seat. The school board election is on November 3.

The candidates for the East Windsor Regional School District Board Of Education 2020 Election were announced by the Mercer County Clerk’s Office. Seven seats on the nine-member school board are set aside for East Windsor Township residents and two are earmarked for Hightstown Borough residents.

Patel told Patch that the current pandemic has posed a number of challenged for the school community and as a Board member she plans to tackle the biggest one of them all first – training and equipping teachers to better handle the virtual mode of education.

According to Patch, Patel, 49 has been an auditor for over 35 years and has been on the East Windsor Planning Board for 17 years. She believes that currently, the biggest issue facing schools is teaching and learning in the virtual world. “We need to provide adequate training for all the teachers, provide technology devices to staff and students so they can teach or learn from anywhere and try to promote the most successful learning environment remotely. Therefore, I am seeking elective office to contribute and provide new ideas to the East Windsor educational system,” Patel told the news channel.

“Another issue facing our schools is lack of equal access for all. All students should have the appropriate resources in order to be successful. A third issue facing our schools is meeting the needs of our diverse population. We have to ensure all students are performing to their highest potential and are given proper support to be successful,” she added.

Patel believes what sets her apart from other candidates are her efforts in promoting diversity, bringing novel ideas, and being approachable in addressing issues.



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