WAAH to spread scientific awareness

(Courtesy: WAAH)

On his recent visit to the U.S., Sanjay Patel, the Vice President of We All Are Humans (WAAH), an NGO in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India, discussed the need for involving students in scientific thinking and research development.

Patel has worked all his life to help students develop scientific skills.

“I knew I was going to be a teacher one day as my mother was a teacher and she became a principal of a government school. But it wasn’t until I was in 12th grade when I realized that I wanted to become a math teacher,” Patel told News India Times.

Along with teaching for 23 years, Patel has also written 72 books and is the president of the Ahmadabad Mathematical Association.

“I believe in learning by doing. My students don’t feel that they learn anything until we do it together,” he added.

In 2008, Patel had a dream to have more of his students in IITs and NITs, India’s most prestigious colleges and for this he started WAAH to prep the students and get them to think scientifically and gain research development skills.

Basically, WAAH trains each student in science from sixth grade and every year they host the Incredible Junior Scientist Awards for which the recipients will receive academic and financial support for their research from WAAH after 10 years.

WAAH is also adopting schools and giving them a science experiment kit in which students can receive hands-on experience from an early age.

On their website WAAH states that while science and technology have increased our comforts and improved our health, it has been long forgotten in the Eastern countries as compared to the Western ones.

Thus according to Patel, WAAH will be able to spread scientific awareness across the state of Gujarat and eventually all over India.



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