Veena Sud is thankful to be working with Netflix again

The Netflix logo is shown in this illustration photograph in Encinitas, California October 14, 2014. REUTERS/Mike Blake/Files

Indian American Veena Sud is hoping to get a less critical reaction for her upcoming Netflix series Seven Seconds which focuses on the issue of race in America, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The show is about a hit-and-run of an African-American teenager by a Jersey City cop and how the crime is covered up by the white police force.

Sud’s last collaboration with Netflix was for her show The Killing, six and a half years ago, when it ended with a controversial finale in its first season.

“Netflix is the first and really the only place I wanted to go with the story, because I knew they’d do it right. It allows you not to have to repeat or dumb anything down…[with] the act break, or the ‘tune in next week’ thing. We can just watch a show in the same way you read a novel, with that level of intelligence and commitment and depth,” Sud told the Hollywood Reporter.

Seven Seconds is in some ways an even more ambitious than The Killing with over 10 episodes taking a “brutal look at the systemic racism that allows crimes like the one that opens the show to go unpunished” while showing the “challenges ingrained stereotypes around race and gender.”

“We had such a great experience working with Veena on The Killing that we were very eager to work with her again. I admire that she’s looking to explore these types of stories and am proud to support her. They may be darker, harrowing and complicated, but [they’re] very necessary,” Allie Goss, the vice president of Netflix original series, told the Hollywood Reporter.

Sud does not know what lies beyond the first 10 episodes but is hopeful for more seasons and “feels blessed to be working with a company whose outlook and ambition mirrors her own.”

“At the end of the day, creators make artistic choices. That’s what we do,” she told the Hollywood Reporter.



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