US-India Security Council visits Washington D.C. to celebrate victory of Senator Bob Menendez

Ramesh Kapur, Krishna Srinivasa, Senator Bob Menendez, Rajendar Dichpally and Nar Koppula.

The US-India Security Council team attended an event in Washington D.C. on January 3, to celebrate the victory of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez.

The team was led by President Ramesh Kapur, Executive Director Krishna Srinivasa, Treasurer Nar Koppula and Director of Communications Rajendar Dichpally.

The US-India Security Council team had arranged several events with Indian Americans throughout New Jersey to help Sen. Menendez win the election.

In his speech, the Sen. Menendez acknowledged the support from the Indian American community and said that he would always be thankful for the community for helping him in his re-election.

The Senator assured that he will work with the U.S.-India Security team on some important bills that will further strengthen US-India relations and also committed that he would visit India during the next Senate Recess.



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