Two-year-old Allegedly Burned By Nanny In Staten Island



A two-year old Indian-origin baby boy was burned by his nanny with a curling iron and the incident was captured by a security camera leading to her arrest, according to media reports quoting police.

The baby’s mother, Angela Persaud, noticed the signs of the burning on little Alexander’s hand and feet and checked the security camera video in their home in the New York suburb of Baldwin, WABC TV reported on Jan. 13. The recording showed the nanny, Nasipho Nxumalo, burning him and she called the police, the station said.

Police arrested Nxumalo, 21, on Jan. 11 and charged her with assault and endangering the welfare of a child, according to media reports.

NBC New York reported that according to court documents, the woman admitted to the attack, saying, “The child wouldn’t listen. I wanted to discipline him using the iron, so I burned him.”

Curling irons are small devices with a heating element that are used to curl the hair.

The injuries were not serious, according to the mother.

“It’s a little superficial burn now, but it was welted (Jan. 11),” she told WABC. The alleged incident took place while the parents were at work and the nanny was looking after the baby.

Describing what she saw on the security camera video, Angela Persaud told WCBS that the nanny “pulled out the curling iron several times. She heated it up. You see her showing him that it’s going to be hot, and, I am going to use it on you.’ You see her yelling at him. You see her grab him a few times.”