Queens Man Buys Winning Lottery Ticket From Own Store


2016 ended on a good note for a Queens businessman after he won a lottery ticket bought at his own shop. Ajit Rana, owner of Bayside Supply Inc. – Smoke Shop on in Bayside will receive $1,000 a day for the rest of his life after winning it big in the New York Lottery last December.

Described in news reports as a dedicated lottery player Rana decided to buy his CASH4LIFE ticket at work in November. But after hearing that a winning winning lottery ticket was sold at his smoke shop, he at first didn’t even bother to look at his own ticket.

“I didn’t think to check mine,” Rana, 44, told Queens News and Community And when Rana, 44, of Long Island City finally discovered he matched the six numbers on the CASH4Life ticket, his wife didn’t believe him.

“She thought I was joking,” he told the New York Daily News Jan. 11, after receiving an oversized check. “So I went home and showed her the ticket. We just kept checking the numbers over and over again. We were both totally surprised.”

Rana, who buys lottery tickets every week at the store, will get a net check totaling $227,410 every year for the rest of his life, according to lottery officials, the Daily News reported.
“I’m sure your wife is hoping you stay healthy!” joked New York Lottery’s Yolanda Vega, who presented him with a giant check.

Rana is not completely sure how he’s going to spend the winnings.

“I will visit my family in India and buy a house,” he told reporters.