‘Time for you to come home with trophy!’ says Shilpa Shetty to younger sister Shamita as she gears up for Bigg Boss finale


Shilpa Shetty Kundra comes out in support of her little one: Shamita Shetty, who has been in the Bigg Boss finale race, gets some advice from her elder sister.

Not only has Shamita been supported by her mother Sunanda Shetty too, but recently, during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Shilpa came on a video call and spoke to her younger sister. Both were in tears when they saw each other, as this is the first time that they have not met for such a long time.

Shamita has continued her journey from Bigg Boss OTT season to the main show. Extending her support on social media where she re-posted the video, Shilpa wrote, “She would rather walk alone in darkness than follow anyone else’s shadow. – R G Moon. Seeing you take on every hurdle, challenge, and disagreement head-on is something that makes me extremely proud of you, Tunki. I love how gracefully and tactfully you’ve dealt with everything in this journey. And now, I know it’s time for you to come home… with the trophy! #ShamitasTribe has got your back, my darling. Stay strong, you’ve got this!”

A few days from now, the winner of season 15 of Bigg Boss will be announced. With  massive support from her ‘tribe’ (fans) and family members, predictions have been high that it will be Shamita who will be taking home the trophy.

And let us not forget that Shilpa already has won the Celebrity Big Brother in 2007. This is the original program on which the Indian Aapka Colors’ show is based, and it will be a phenomenon if two sisters win them—albeit in different countries—15 years apart! The two sisters, apart from co-starring in the Hindi film Fareb in 2005, have been always extremely close.








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