Three year-old Sherin Mathews remains missing

Sherin Mathews, of Richardson, Texas, is missing after disappearing Saturday morning. She had been sent outside at 3 a.m. as punishment for not drinking her milk. (Richardson Police Department)

Nearly 10 days after Indian-American toddler Sherin Mathews disappeared at around 3 a.m. on Oct. 7, when she was punished by her foster father for not finishing her milk, police in Richardson, Texas are now using drones and cadaver dogs to find her.

“We’re always hopeful that we can find her alive, but time is our enemy. So, we’re trying to progress as quickly as we possibly can in this case,” Sergeant Kevin Perlich told PTI.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Officer and the Mansfield Police Department are aiding the Richardson Police Department in the search in a field near Richland College, which is less than three miles away from the Mathews home, where she went missing.

Police told PTI that they have conducted multiple searches in the “areas of interest” including fields, creeks and wooded areas and told local media that earlier in the day they found “objects of interest,” but did not specify what those objects were or how they are related to the case.

“Detectives will evaluate the results of today’s efforts while the investigation continues,” Richardson police said on Facebook and added that they will continue to perform “specific searches” like this as more tips come in.

Authorities did search the same area on Oct. 13, but wanted to make sure that they didn’t miss anything.

Authorities also say that the family’s SUV disappeared for an hour the morning Sherin disappeared and they are asking any neighbors with surveillance video of the vehicle to come forward.

Meanwhile, a priest placed a sign outside the Mathews’ family home calling on Sherin’s parents to “tell the truth.”

“We the community are never going to stop until we find Sherin,” Thomas Ambalevelil told PTI as police say Sherin’s parents both remain “uncooperative,” regarding the case.

Child Protective Services already took custody of their other biological daughter, age 4, shortly after their father Wesley Mathews was arrested and although he has been bonded out, he has been charged with child endangerment and ordered to wear an ankle monitor as the investigation continues.



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