New Jersey prohibiting certain fireworks during Diwali

Revelers watch a firework during Diwali celebrations in Delhi, India, on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015. CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Prashanth Vishwanathan.

Tomorrow, many Indian Americans will be celebrating Diwali and on this auspicious day, we all love to use fireworks.

However, New Jersey law is prohibiting the use of fireworks which will leave the ground or make loud noise, during this holiday as several calls have been made to the South Brunswick Fire Marshal’s Office and South Brunswick Police about the use of fireworks this year.

Governor Chris Christie legalized the sale of non-explosive, non- aerial fireworks in June, thus the law allows only non-aerial fireworks such as hand-held sparklers, ground-based sparklers and novelty fireworks such as poppers and snappers.

All other fireworks remain illegal to sell and use in New Jersey, including firecrackers, aerials, sky rockets/bottle rockets, single-tube device with report, reloadable shell device/Roman candles.



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