Thousands of rural women in Gujarat empowered by NGO ‘Project Life’  

Some of the women beneficiaries of Project ‘Life’ equipment distribution initiative in Gujarat. PHOTO: courtesy organizers

More than 11,000 women of rural Gujarat facing varied challenges, have been empowered through development projects supported by Life Global partner Project ‘Life’ India.

Among these women are 200 underprivileged widows who received help through distribution of different equipment   from Project ‘Life’, Rajkot, Gujarat.

Indian-American physician, Dr. Sudhir Parikh, recipient of the Padma Shri award and Chairman of Life Global USA, expressed sincere gratitude to donors, notably Dr. Prafulla Nalinkant Patel for her generous support to Project ‘Life’.

Philanthropists and beneficiaries speaking on Zoom call about Project ‘Life’ equipment distribution initiative.PHOTO Project ‘Life’

Recently, the Rajkot-based chapter of the charity distributed equipment/kits to 200 less privileged widows and women from the Junagadh district of Gujarat.

Dr. Prafulla Nalinkant Patel sponsored half of the beneficiaries in loving memory of her husband Dr. Nalinkant Patel. Following intensive discussions with Founder and Treasurer of Life Global USA Amar Shah, Dr. Patel consented to extend her support, committing to sponsor 100 women each year for 3 years, totalling 300 women.

Dr. Prafulla N. Patel has an extensive 47-year experience in ophthalmology and hails from Virginia, USA. Her significant  philanthropic work, among other things, includes support for Smile Train and Doctors without Borders. She has delivered medical help for cleft treatments globally.

Aided by philanthropists and distinguished guests, Dr. Patel bestowed a variety of equipment, such as sewing machines and beauty parlour kits, to women, fostering their economic independence.

Thus far, the initiative has empowered close to 11,000 underprivileged women. The endeavors of Project ‘Life’ go beyond merely providing equipment; they also include offering vocational training and establishing market linkages, enabling women to earn livelihood and become self-sufficient.

Amar Shah, in his address, said Life Global was ready to help and continue to support initiatives of Project ‘Life’ that benefit society at large.

Shah specifically acknowledged the substantial support provided by Dr. Snehlata & Dr. Sumant Pandya. They sponsored 125 underprivileged widows and women by matching the funds raised through the auction of Dr. Snehlata Pandya’s poetry books.

In his address Dilip Punatar, founder of Life Global Texas also thanked Project ‘Life’ for bridging the gap between beneficiaries and donors.

Some of the women beneficiaries gave emotional testimony about the profound impact of learning a trade and receiving the necessary equipment from Project ‘Life’ had on their lives.

Shashikant Koticha, managing trustee, and Meetal Koticha Shah, joint executive trustee & CEO, of Project ‘Life’, emphasized the vital role of women empowerment programs in elevating women’s lives and fostering independence and dignity.

Rushikesh Pandya, chief development and operating officer of Project ‘Life’ and the ceremony’s host, delineated the significance of ‘Social Return on Investment’ (SROI) through sponsoring women.



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