At New Jersey event OFBJP-USA celebrates Prime Minister Modi’s victory



OFBJP-USA leaders and organizers as well as supporters, pose for a photo at the june 11, 2024, event in New Jersey to celebrate PM Modi’s electoral victory in India. Seen in photo among others, Krishna Reddy, center, and Dr. Sudhir Parikh, chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media/ITV Gold. PHOTOS: ITV Gold
Lamplighting ceremony being conducted at the OFBJP-USA event in New Jersey June 11, 2024, celebrating the victory of PM Modi to head a 3rd term of government in India. PHOTOS: ITV Gold

Tristate Indian American supporters and members of Overseas Friends of BJP gathered in large numbers to celebrate the election results of the world’s largest democracy at Royal Albert’s Palace in Fords, New Jersey Tuesday, June 11, 2024. Those present represented OFBJP chapters from around the US, according to organizers.

The evening’s celebrations began with guests dancing to the beats of drums, interspersed with blowing of the conch shell, carrying the Indian flag and joyfully shouting slogans of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Vande Mataram’.

Thanking the gathering, Krishna Reddy, past president of OFBJP, said they were gathered to celebrate a historic victory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and of BJP volunteers who had put in great effort in the campaign in the past few months. Reddy congratulated the National Democratic Alliance and its supporters for the victory. Leaders like Ram Vemula, Raghuveer Reddy, and Varun Patel, as well as Albert Jasani of Royal Albert’s Palace were recognized for their efforts.

“Shri Narendra Modi ji has been (elected) for the 7th time as Head of Government, 4 times as Chief Minister and 3 times as the Prime Minister. This is a monumental achievement,” Krishna Reddy said.

Padma Shri recipient Dr. Sudhir Parikh, Chairman of Parikh World Wide Media/ITV Gold, called it a historic victory for Modi and his team. “Let us congratulate him on behalf of everyone here. And congratulations to you all too that you all stood with Mr. Modi and did propaganda for him, convinced your friends and family back home to vote for BJP and look at its victory,” Dr. Parikh added.

He praised India’s voting public, saying, “This shows that the largest democracy with 1.4 billion people is very alive, very vibrant and very transparent,” and that a strong opposition is good for the country in the long run. It also showed that hundreds of millions of people appreciated PM Modi’s governance and the progress made by India in the last ten years, he said. “Even the foreign countries like UK, our own President Biden, and Presidents and Prime Ministers of other countries have reached out to Mr. Modi to congratulate him,” Dr. Parikh noted. He saw the 3rd term as another opportunity to take India forward, and the economy would achieve the goal of becoming the 3rd largest in the world.

Speakers at the June 11, 2024, OFBJP-USA meeting in New Jersey to celebrate the electoral victory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and 3rd term for National Democratic Alliance. PHOTOS: ITV Gold

Aacharya Lokesh Muni, founder, Ahimsa Vishwa Bharati said it was heartening to see the joy and involvement of the Indians in America.

“The forming of government by NDA under the leadership of the world’s popular leader Narendra Modi ji has happened in India and I am looking at the celebrations at the Royal Albert Palace in New Jersey in America,” he said.

Acharya Lokeshmuni, center, with OFBJP-USA leaders Amar Goswami, left, Piyush Patel, 3rd from left, Lokesh Muni,
Padma Shri recipient Dr. Sudhir Parikh, Haresh Shah, Jayesh Patel, and guests, at the June 11, 2024, event in New Jersey to celebrate the victory of PM Modi for a 3rd term.

“The enthusiasm I see, the joy I see is incredible. It is my personal belief that when a country or society gets a visionary leader, then that country or society progresses. I have seen that under the leadership of our honorable PM Narendra Modi since he became a leader in 2014. And there is no exaggeration in saying that in these years, India’s respect has increased in the world. India’s voice is heard in the whole world. India’s importance has increased.”

Welcoming all, Jayesh Patel, leader at OFBJP said it was a great pleasure to celebrate the event with all the chapters of OFBJP in the US.

“It gives us great pleasure to organize this event. Mr Modi is third time Prime Minister of India and we are celebrating together in New Jersey along with all the Chapters of OFBJP USA. Please enjoy and we thank ITV Gold for supporting every time there is any event taking place in the tristate area.”

Haresh Shah, Piyush Patel, Deepti Jani, Dr. Sumul Raval, Neurologist and Secretary of AAPI, Dr. Sudha Parikh, and Bharat Rana, president of the Federation of Indian Seniors Associations of North America (FISANA) were among those who congratulated Modi and his team and expressed confidence about India’s future progress under Modi’s leadership.

(Archana Adalja contributed to this report)



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