Thousands of colorful turbans were tied at Times Square 

Expert volunteers in the art of turban tying demonstrating turban tying at the Turban Day celebration at NYC’s Times Square.
Photo : Courtesy Tirlok Malik
Many such signs about the importance of the turban in Sikh history and culture were posted at the Turban Day celebration at MYC’s Times Square. Photo : Courtesy Tirlok Malik

New Yorker residents and tourists were treated to an afternoon of music, dance, and a free turban tied on their heads which they could take home at Times Square in Manhattan, NYC, on Saturday, May 11, 2024, during the annual Turban Day celebrations organized by TurbanDay.Org.

Like every year, the event, which in 2018 won a place in Guinness Book of World Records for the most turbans tied in 8 hours, drew large crowds. “At any given point in time, there were close to 1,000 people present throughout the day,” said New York based actor-filmmaker to Desi Talk. Malik said he has been attending the event for more than 3 years and enjoys it immensely.

Cultural performances were going on in the background at the live stage on the right at the Turban Day celebrations at NYC’s Times Square. Photo : Courtesy Tirlok Malik

Volunteers were busy tying turbans at more than 40 turban tying stations, telling the receiver of the free turbans stories about Sikh religion and culture. The performances on the live stage and live music attracted many to participate in the Bhangara dance. “The atmosphere was filled with colors and the vibrant music made everyone want to dance,” Malik said, adding volunteers also showed how to take the dance steps.

A recent news story by Sgt. 1st Class Neil W. McCabe of Army Reserve Medical Command published by the Defense Visual Information Service, mentioned the featured speaker Sikh-American Army Reserve Lt. Col. Tejdeep Singh Rattan as one of the first soldiers to serve in uniform with his turban and beard. The report also said Rattan spoke about how more Sikhs were taking advantage of the U.S. Army’s expanded policy regarding turbans.

TurbanDay Organization began holding the event with an aim to create awareness about the importance of the turban in the Sikh religion and to celebrate Sikh culture. The event has become a tourist attraction in New York City.



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