‘The Vaccine War’ becomes first Indian movie to have song launch at Times Square

From left, film maker Vivek Agnihotri, actress Pallavi Joshi, and organizer Mohan Wanchoo at Vaccine War Grand Finale in Times Square, Sept. 6, 2023. PHOTO: Organizers

Filmmaker Vivek Aghnihotri’s ‘The Vaccine War’ created history on Tuesday, September 6, 2023, by becoming the first Indian movie to have a song launch at Times Square. The film narrates the tale of the triumph of scientists and 130 crore people who fought the battle in the COVID-19 era.

The film’s title song ‘Shristhi se pehele’, which comprised of Shlokas from Rigveda, describing the creation of the Universe, was performed in the form of Kathak at the globally recognized venue.

Actor Archana Joglekar and the students of her dance academy, performed to the song, which was choreographed by the Kathak maestro. The performance was witnessed by thousands of  New Yorkers from all walks of life.

Before the release of ‘The Vaccine War’ in India in September, special screenings of the film have been conducted in the US under the India for Humanity Tour.

A pre-release of ‘The Vaccine War’ was hosted in New York to a full house, welcoming director Vivek Agnihotri and producer and actor Pallavi Joshi.

Dancers at Grand Finale of ‘The Vaccine War’ movie’s memorable song, at Times Square, Sept. 6, 2023. PHOTO: Organizers

Speaking about the film’s screening in the US, Agnihotri told ANI, “I wanted to showcase this great scientific achievement of India on the world stage. India and the US collaborated and there was this mutual understanding and cooperation between the two countries, and we have worked a lot towards helping lots of underdeveloped countries. So I thought it was very important since this (US) was the hub when COVID was happening. The whole world was looking at the USA with optimism, and India played that role as a democracy. So I thought it’s good to start from here (US) and showcase it to people and get their reactions and then go and release it in India.”

Actress Pallavi Joshi said, “One thing is for sure, once the audience sees the film and walks out of the theater they are going to walk out with their head held high. What our scientists have achieved during the period of lockdown when the pandemic had hit the world and especially the women who were not just working at home cleaning the house, cooking meals for the family but were also standing in the labs for 16, 17 & 18 hours at length and making that vaccine which saved the country of 135 crore people.”

Audience watching ‘The Vaccine War’, a movie about India’s role in developing the Covid vaccine, during its release in NYC, early September. PHOTO: Organizers

Edward Ridley Finch Cox an American finance lawyer and the current chairman of the New York Republican State Committee attended both the events.

Cox said that he has only now realized the power and diversity of  India but also sees the importance of Indian Americans. He also urged all Americans to watch The Vaccine War.

The New York events for ‘The Vaccine War’ were crafted and organized by Mohan Wanchoo, a  successful software entrepreneur and philanthropist who is of Indian heritage.

“’The Vaccine War’ is about how India made the COVID-19 vaccine under unprecedented challenges, and later provided it free of cost to many countries throughout the world that were in dire need of this vaccine,” said Wanchoo.

“The movie celebrates the power of the fiercely driven and motivated women scientists of India who worked day and night to produce the COVID-19 vaccine. We are looking forward to a great success of Vaccine War,” said Al Mason, a well-known New York global real estate advisor and entrepreneur, whom Wanchoo thanked for helping him to make both the New York events a mega success.



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