Text of President Joe Biden’s message on India’s Independence Day

President Joe Biden. Photo: whitehouse.gov

On this day, August 15, 1947, India achieved its long journey toward independence, guided by Mahatma Gandhi’s message of truth and non-violence. Today, that foundational commitment to respecting the will of the people through democracy continues to inspire the world and is the basis of the special bond between our two nations. Over the decades, the ties between our people, including a vibrant community of more than four million Indian-Americans, have sustained and strengthened our partnership.

This past year, our nations have come together in new ways as we tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, including working in partnership with Japan and Australia—through the Quad—to expand global manufacturing of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines and to strengthen our “last-mile” coordination to reach people throughout the Indo-Pacific. In this moment of great challenges and opportunities, the partnership between India and the United States is more important than ever. Together, we must show the world that our two great and diverse democracies can deliver for people everywhere. And as we do, the friendship between our nations will continue to flourish and grow. I wish all those celebrating today, in India, in the United States, and throughout the world, a safe and happy Indian Independence Day.



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