Kashmir Solidarity USA Commemorates India’s Independence Day

Surinder Zutshi , chairman of Kashmir Solidarity USA, speaking to the crowd celebrating India’s Independence Day in Greenacres, Florida, Aug. 15, 2023. PHOTO: Kashmir Solidarity USA

In a display of unity and celebration, Kashmir Solidarity USA (KSUSA) hosted a flag raising event in Greenacres, Fl. on August 15, 2023, marking India’s Independence Day.

The event, paid homage to the nation’s hard-won freedom from British Colonial rule in 1947. The City of Greenacres honored this historic occasion with a proclamation read by councilwoman Susy Diaz, proclaiming August 15, 2023, as “India Independence Day,” a press release from organizers said.

From left, Gigi Chazu, Susy Diaz, Sandy Mistry, and Surinder Zutshi raising the Indian flag at the August 15, 2023, event hosted by Kashmir Solidarity USA, to celebrate India’s Independence Day, in Greenacres, FL. PHOTO: Kashmir Solidarity USA

A diverse group of people came to witness the flag hoisting of the Indian tricolor, on a 30-foot flagpole, followed by festivities that included a savory Indian meal catered by Palace Indian Restaurant in Davie, Florida.

Denyse Baboolal, the founder of Jayadevi Arts—an Indo-Caribbean community organization—was also present and was bestowed with an honor by KS-USA’s Chairman Surinder K. Zutshi, acknowledging her exceptional contributions to the community through her dedication to preserving Indian cultural heritage.

The proclamation, read aloud by Councilwoman Susy Diaz, highlighted the historical significance of August 15 and its role in India’s journey to independence. The document emphasized the non-violent resistance and civil disobedience that characterized India’s fight for freedom, inspiring countless individuals worldwide. The mutual commitment of India and the United States to safeguarding freedom, dignity, and human rights was acknowledged, underscoring the shared values that bind these two nations.

Mayor Joel Flores lauded Surinder K. Zutshi presenting him a proclamation that honored his leadership and unwavering efforts to combat global terrorism and promote peace in the region, and work toward a secure future.

“Kashmir Solidarity USA remains steadfast in its mission to promote peace, combat extremism, and bridge communities, reaffirming its commitment to a peaceful and harmonious world,” the press release said.



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