Teenage philanthropists: Gupta triplets inspire future leaders and foster friendships worldwide

Students at Little Mentors sister school in India extend thanks to the organization. PHOTO: littlementors.org

Indian American triplets Gia, Karina, and Armaan Gupta are the teenage masterminds behind the non-profit Little Mentors, an organization that is dedicated to advancing the future of young people.

According to their website, littlementors.org, “Little Mentors works to foster friendships between local and international students through their various events and projects. The organization bases success off of the sharing of stories, laughs, and the beautiful exchange of a smile.”

One of the most impressive projects that the triplets from Little Mentors have executed is raising over $280,000 for Covid-19 relief in India.  They utilized the funds to send oxygen supplies and ventilators to hospitals in Delhi and surrounding cities, according to India Today.  Only 15 at the time, the Gupta trio advised beneficiaries to return equipment when it was no longer needed.

Release from New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy regarding his work with Little Mentors in their anti-racism initiative in 2021. PHOTO: littlementors.org.

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Little Mentors has several different programs such as their anti-racism initiatives, partnering with sister schools internationally, and “Teddy Talks.”  As put by co-president and co-founder Gia Gupta, “We have found and believed that instead of just aiding the students that we interact with with financial resources, a true relationship with the kids is more beneficial.”

The organization hosted a Zoom event in partnership with New Jersey governor Phil Murphy to foster conversations about how young people can enact change against racism, according to the organization’s website.

Little Mentors has partnered with multiple schools worldwide to promote dialogue between students from different countries.  They have also provided supplies and donations to these international schools and orphanages.  According to an email from the father of the triplets, Dr. Sanjay Gupta of HealthTime TV, the organization has connected via video calls and occasional visits with youth from “Africa, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica , Mexico, South America, Nepal, India and many other countries.”

“Teddy Talks” are one of the most prominent Little Mentors ventures.  The Talks are live events in which the Little Mentors team interview executives and role models to inspire future leaders.  According to the Little Mentor website, some “Teddy Talk” guests include “New York Times best-selling author, Emmy Award winner, and philanthropist Peter Buffett; Holocaust Survivor Alice Sondike; Broadway actors Danette Holden and Eric Sciotto; Shark Tank featured CEO and founder Shaan Patel; co-founder of Dormify Amanda Zuckerman; and more.”  All past “Teddy Talks” are available on the Little Mentors YouTube.

Screenshot of 2020 “Teddy Talk” with Warren Buffett’s son Peter Buffett, Emmy Award winning musician. PHOTO: YouTube screenshot Little Mentors.

According to the email from Dr. Gupta, Mark Cuban is scheduled to be a guest in the next two weeks.  They also strive to host conversations with Mark Zuckerburg, Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.  “Teddy Talks” take questions from youth worldwide and a 20-30 second video clip with a question can be sent to teddytalkteam@gmail.com.

In the “Teddy Talk” with Peter Buffet, he emphasized the fact that children are the future of the world.  Youth philanthropists like the Gupta triplets and all of the Little Mentors serve as indicators that we’re progressing towards a brighter future.



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