Heritage of India Festival to be held in Westchester, NY

Image on flyer of 23rd Heritage Festival of India to be held in Westchester, NY Aug. 6, 2023. PHOTO: courtesy IACAW

The Indian American Cultural Association of Westchester (IACAW) in collaboration with the Westchester County and Westchester County Parks and Recreation, is hosting the 23rd Annual Heritage of India Festival, Celebrating India’s Rich Cultural Heritage, August 6, 2023.

This event will be held at the picturesque park at Kensico Dam Plaza in Valhalla, Westchester County, New York, “and promises to be a captivating celebration of India’s diverse culture with a special focus on popular Indian games and sports,” a press release from organizers said.

This year, HIF will revolve around the theme of “Popular Indian Games and Sports.”

“By focusing on this theme, the festival aims to empower and engage younger generations, allowing them to connect with their cultural heritage in an interactive and entertaining manner,” organizers maintain. Attendees will learn about cherished childhood games and popular sports through a range of activities, live demonstrations, and personal accounts.

An array of traditional Indian games and  sports, including cricket, kabaddi, gillidanda, lakhoti (marbles), yoga, snakes and  ladders, bhamardo, carrom, chess, and many more will be featured. Visitors can actively participate in these timeless pastimes and  learn about their cultural significance.

The Festival has become a premier event that fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of India’s diverse culture, art, music, literature, food, and more in the local communities, organizers believe.

“Year after year, HIF continues to attract thousands of people from all age groups and ethnic backgrounds. This vibrant gathering serves as a platform for attendees to indulge in live performances, savor a variety of Indian cuisine, and explore an open-air bazaar,” the press release said.

“The Heritage of India Festival serves as a bridge between cultures, showcasing the vibrant traditions and  rich heritage of India,” said  Vaishali Bhattacharyya, president of IACAW is quoted saying in the press release.

“By focusing on popular Indian games and sports, we aim to engage and inspire our younger generations while fostering a deeper appreciation for our rich cultural traditions. We invite everyone to join us for a day filled with excitement, entertainment, and cultural immersion.”

The festival will also feature live performances showcasing India’s diverse range of music, dance, and theater.

Organizers are promising food enthusiasts there will be a wide array of Indian cuisine available, allowing them to indulge in the flavors and aromas that define Indian gastronomy.

An open-air bazaar will offer a unique shopping experience, featuring stalls with handicrafts, jewelry, clothing, and more, providing a glimpse into the intricate craftsmanship and vibrant colors of India, organizers said.

“IACAW extends a warm invitation to residents and visitors alike to join in the 23rd Annual HIF,” calling it “an unforgettable celebration of India’s games and sports heritage.”

For more information visit  www.iacaw.org.



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