Supriya Sharma of India wins Bikini Bodybuilding Championship in Georgia

Supriya Sharma (Courtesy: NPC News Online

Supriya Sharma, 23, has become the youngest Indian to win a gold medal for Bikini Bodybuilding Championship.

Sharma won the title of “Overall True Novice Champion” at the IFBB NPC Eastern Seaboard Classic held on May 12 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sharma is originally from Jammu and Kashmir and she moved to New Delhi in 2012 to further her education, according to reports.

She has been the captain of the senior and junior handball teams of J&K as well as the University of Delhi and decided to pursue her passion for bodybuilding in the bikini category, last year.

Sharma plans to compete in the Arnold Classic in Ohio next March.

Sharma has several personal training clients back home and also trains several other people through her online training program.

Supriya Sharma (Courtesy: NPC News Online


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