Spate of robberies targeting gold-wearing women in California





The streets of Freemont, California have become unsafe for Indian-origin women who wear gold jewelry. Several incidents have been reported of attacks and gold necklaces snatched right from their necks, according to a KTVU report.

“It’s frightening that somebody would even do that, and a shame you can’t wear your gold jewelry in broad daylight because something like that could happen,” Liz Cespa told KTVU, whose home security system captured an attack on camera.

The video shows a woman walking on the sidewalk near Oliveira School, when a man approached from the opposite side and threw her to the ground, snatching her necklace and ran away.

The suspects all seem to be young males of different racial backgrounds; one by the name of Jermaine Smith was caught due to surveillance footage.

According to a KRON report, a woman was pumping gas at a gas station on Fremont Boulevard when she was attacked by Smith who was trying to pull her gold necklace off.

She initially resisted but Smith pulled her through the station until she fell to the ground, struck her in the face, took her necklace and ran.

Police were able to catch Smith with evidence from the surveillance video and hope they will be able to catch others who are doing this.

According to KTVU, the first robbery occurred on May 4 when a man ran up behind a woman who was taking a walk with her husband.

The attack involving Smith occurred two days later while Cespa’s camera recorded an attack on May 8.

A woman who opened her front door on May 7, to greet someone who was purchasing an item from her off Facebook Marketplace, also became a victim when the man snatched off her chain.

Another woman leaving a grocery store on May 11 was attacked and robbed by a black man and a woman.

The most recent attack occurred on May 16 with a woman who was out on a stroll with her child; luckily a crossing guard saw the incident and ran o the rescue while the suspects drove off in a silver or gray sedan.

Indian American Paramgit Kaur told KTVU that this is not the first time the Indian American community has been targeted for their gold jewelry.

“It’s more than jewelry to us,” she said, adding that she used to wear her gold jewelry outside of the home every time, but now keeps it at home and wears it only at special occasions.

“Bangles, earrings, all of it, not safe, only when I go to a party with my husband or my family would I wear gold anymore,” she stated.



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