Sundarkand Parivaar Chicago Hosts Exclusive Diwali Extravaganza: Deepawali Dhamaal

Welcoming Chief Guest Mary Alexander Basta Mayor Bolingbrook by Sanjay Sharma-President SPC along with core members of Sundarkand Parivaar Chicago Picture Courtesy: Vijay Raheja-Core Member SPC.

Naperville, Illinois- On October 29th, 2023, Sundarkand Parivaar Chicago hosted its highly anticipated and exclusive third annual Deepawali Milan event at the prestigious Mall of India in Naperville. The event garnered an overwhelming response from the elite Indian diaspora in Chicagoland, who were treated to an extraordinary and culturally immersive celebration of the festival of lights.

SPC(Sundarkand Parivaar Chicago) Deepawali Celebration’s inauguration by Chief Guest Mary Alexander Basta-Mayor Bolingbrook and Consul Sanjeev Paul with Sanjay Sharma-President. Picture Courtesy: Vijay Raheja-Core Member SPC

The evening commenced with a grand welcome from Sanjay Sharma, founding member of Sundarkand Chicago Parivaar, who eloquently highlighted the profound significance and symbolism of Deepawali. Esteemed guests, including the distinguished Ms. Mary Alexander Basta (Mayor of Bolingbrook) and Sanjeev Kumar Pal (Consul-Press, Info. & Culture, Consulate General of India, Chicago), were honored for gracing the occasion with their presence and unwavering support. Representatives from the event’s sponsors, such as Arun Sharma from Mantra, Sudesh ji and Amol Bang from State Bank of India Chicago, Chris Dokliev from International Fresh Market, Renu Sharma from Old National Bank, Nirav Patel from AASOA, , Pradeep Singh from Coldwell Banker were also recognized and presented with mementos and Dupattas. The event’s grand success was indebted to their invaluable support.

The Deep Lighting ceremony marked the commencement of an opulent and enchanting evening, with Honorary Mary Alexander Basta emphasizing the importance of compassion, love, and unity in today’s world. Honorary Sanjeev Kumar Pal commended Sundarkand Parivaar for their exceptional efforts in showcasing Indian culture, instilling Indian values in children, and bridging the gap between generations, despite being miles away from their homeland.

A scene from the Hanumaan Chalisa performance presented by SPC youths directed by Priya Raheja on the occasion on Sundarkand Parivaar Chicago Deepawali celebrations. Picture Courtesy: Vijay Raheja-Core Member SPC

The cultural program unfolded with a mesmerizing Ganesh Vandana, a divine dance
performance dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. This was followed by a
captivating array of performances that showcased the richness and diversity of Indian heritage.
The talented dancers from Nritya Natya Dance Academy enthralled the audience with their
flawless execution of classical and folk-dance forms, leaving them spellbound. An enchanting Odissi dance titled "Sujan Jeevan" transported the audience to the mystical world of the Mahabharata, while energetic Bollywood dance numbers presented by "Grooving Mom’s" and "Motion and Waves" added a contemporary flair to the event, eliciting thunderous applause.
The spotlight then shifted to the next generation of performers, who stole the hearts of the
elite audience with their exceptional talent and infectious enthusiasm. The young performers showcased their unwavering dedication and love for their culture through various displays. A mesmerizing Krishna Leela performance directed by Prerna Awasthi brought to life the playful antics of Lord Krishna, while a soul-stirring clarinet performance by Vinesh Srivastava added a unique musical element to the evening. The young dancers of Sundarkand Parivaar delivered a vibrant dance performance set to the revered "Hanuman Chalisa," a devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman directed by Priya Raheja, showcasing their unwavering devotion and exceptional skills. Additionally, the students of Brahmcharya Vedic School presented a captivating Ganesh Aarthi, and a Sanskrit Natika, a theatrical performance in the ancient language of Sanskrit, added an air of exclusivity and cultural authenticity to the event. The children's performances were met with standing ovations, leaving the audience in awe.

Sanjay Sharma, with his heartfelt recitation of a poignant poem, further elevated the
atmosphere of the event, leaving the distinguished audience inspired and deeply moved.
The evening was made even more unforgettable with a delectable three-course Indian meal, meticulously curated to tantalize the taste buds of the discerning guests. The Executive Board and core members of Sundarkand Parivaar went above and beyond to ensure every aspect of the event, from the exquisite stage and table decorations to the seamless organization and-service of food, was executed flawlessly. Their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts were evident in every detail, creating an immersive and unparalleled experience for all in attendance.

The executive board of Sunderland Chicago (Sanjay Sharma, Anurag Awasthi, Saurabh
Srivastava, Vinod Pandey, Rohit Panday, Binod Singh, Ashish Shukla, Anup Mehta) and core
members including Anuj Purwar, Vijay Raheja, Abhinav Bansal, Jayant Thakore, Dave Sharma, Subhash Bothra deserve immense appreciation for their relentless commitment in organizing yet another resounding success and for their unwavering dedication to preserving and promoting Indian culture within the diaspora. Their exceptional efforts continue to resonate throughout the community, fostering love, inclusivity, and cultural pride. This is achieved with the blessings and guidance of the Advisory Board (Rajendra Kapil, Suman Goyal, Srishti Bothra, Beena Patel, Jyoti Sharma, SP Garg and Saroj Bihari)

In conclusion, the exclusive Deepawali Milan event was an extraordinary success, spreading the message of love, unity, and inclusivity while celebrating the vibrant culture and traditions of India. The event garnered extensive media coverage from TV Asia, A3N Media, and IUSA Media, solidifying its status as a highly recognized and unforgettable celebration of Deepawali.



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