Sumeet Vyas turns director with Tankesh Diaries

Actor and writer Sumeet Vyas has turned a director now. Photo: Raindrop Media

Donning several hats, actor-writer Sumeet Vyas has recently ventured into direction with his web series, Tankesh Diaries. However, he still believes that writing is the most difficult art out of them all.

Currently penning the fourth season of his show, Tripling, he admits that writing scripts is not easy. “Writing would be the toughest part, because that is the base for whatever you are going to do. From writing the core idea of the story, to thinking, to dialogue, that is going to be your route. There is so much content out there, so you have to find a story that is that is relevant in today’s time, and that becomes the harder part,” the actor explains.

Nevertheless, all three fields are close to his heart. Talking about Tankesh Diaries, he says, “I was supposed to act in it and in the conversation, the idea of me directing it came up and everybody jumped on it, including me. I couldn’t have had a more comfortable producer and staff to make my directorial debut. I’ve been working in this medium for 20 years now, so now’s a good time to start in a new field,” he says.

Does working in different mediums mean a paradigm shift in approach? “I don’t think it is any different,” he states. “As an actor, you’re performing your character. So technically, it is the same. The kind of stories that are consumed on the big screen are slightly different to those in the OTT space, because the canvas is usually smaller. But I guess that is also changing now. Today, OTT also has a huge canvas, with web series like Jubilee and The Family Man. Those lines are getting blurred. And for actors, it’s not any different. We put an equal amount of energy and effort into doing our job and hope that it turns out well.”

Sumeet, who is known as a versatile actor across films, TV and the web, will be next seen in Ken Ghosh’s corporate drama titled Blinded, produced by Applause Entertainment.




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